We caught Jessie as she  did the last touches to her newly opened shop by lighting the fire that would keep her and her guests warm and dry all of her herbs and spices.  Turning and looking out the large window her eyes wandered over beautiful pansies that grew in vibrant colors in the window box. She clearly was enjoying the fruits of her labor when she lifted her gaze to the tavern across from her cozy little village shop. ” You know ” she shared with a smile ” My  heart beats quicker to the thought of all the patrons coming to visit my shop. ”  And then, like  snapping from a day dream she took a breath and went to her work bench to bottle some ground up herbs to be sold.


– The Eyes of Dee widened as they witnessed what seemed an innocent poor man of god asking kindly for help from patrons of the villages tavern.  Of course now that is not what made me eyes widen ….. it was when he began conversing with the keep in a very …. tainted way.  Has anyone seen the friar and his ways.


– Seems that someone is digging in the wild fields by the old town. For gold?

– The smith got injured and was left with no healer assistance to his fate. Today he got seen again , in  impressing  shape, in deep conversation with few persons in the towns Square

– Dart seeks his Cat. He got seen running and yelling for it. So better don’t eat the cat, it belongs to the drunk!

–  unconfirmed  rumors about a  wild man  that looks into windows by night and makes women scream.


Today: Nameless Girl

– With the weathers bitter cold, the little girl beds down with the animals for warmth as she has done so many times in her past.

There is one goat particularly friendly she decides to train to hall a small cart she found tossed away in the weeds a bit rickety but shall serve until its wheels can be better repaired, she replaces a few boards in a haphazard way and thinks that shall do for now. Now as for the goat! it is not as easy as it looks to hook a goat to a wagon even a nice complying goat can give one a dreadful run for their gold, a few bumps and bruises and the goat is tamed enough to fill the cart with the treasures she has found washed up from the sea to sell at market.

She again worked hard on the wagon to get it ready for market – but soon may have to find others to help her repair the sad looking cart.

First night in the market all goes well; she met a few people kindly folk must be of great importance for they dressed so well, and then there was another two beings, one she had never set eyes upon, dressed in black; skin as dark as midnight she did not say good marrow to this creature of a human but cast her eyes down and glanced up often to look it over.

Then there was another, smaller than she from a rock it did perch, to tell on truth it did not frighten her as much as the other, but still the same one does not sprout wings from ones back unless it be a creature of tale and oft her mother spoke of these winged creatures in legends.

Still the same she ran away and hid among the animals and fell fast asleep.


-She looked up nodding in thanks for the time taken from the woman in interview.-  Might we start with the name of ye Ma’am?

Eyes the woman with slight disdain..noting that she has not even bothered to order a drink.  ” I am known as Aewenil”

– What might a lovely soul such as yourself do in this isle?

Aewenil smiles now, glad to hear that the woman thinks she has has a soul. “Well, ma’am, Ye be sitting at table here in the Lighthouse tavern which should give you a clue as to what I do. I take care of this place….keepin it clean” brushing a few old bread crumbs off the table as she speaks. ” I keep the light workin too…seein that Mr Dart hisself is out hammered most of the time” covering her mouth to burb as she sets down her tankard. ” And if you look in the kitchen yonder…”  pointing round the corner. “You’ll see I cook up a good feed for visitors to enjoy with their ale….well them that has the decency to order ale that is….”I sell my home made breads to any that has a copper to buy”

Jessie:  “Where might the citizens find you to inquire about your services?”

Aewenil raises her brow and tilting her head in a manner that said the woman was daft ” They’d find me here of course…the same as ye did yerself.”

Jessie: ” And how Long have you been offering your services? ”

Aewenil takes another drink of ale and scratches her chin… ” It be awhile.”

Jessie tilts her head to the side she asks one more question.”How do your services benefit us all… in what way have you been beneficial to us?”

Aewenil rolls her eyes and taking a patient breath ” I’ve saved just about every damed soul that’s washed up on these cursed shores Ma’am!  now…I think this here interview is about done.” Getting up with only the hint of a stumble and heading behind the bar. “Now, what will it be fer ya?”

Jessie packs her interviewing pencil and smirks ” How bout a tankard of ale. ”


Stay inside, pray to have enough logs for the fire.


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