– The Eyes be seeing a Gallic tribe aboard they horses this afternoon on the beach by the light house.  Spoke few words of english but seemed to visit in peace.

– The Eyes of Dee would like to report that there is a stanching dear carcass near the brook, now.  Is someone attempting to contaminate out water? Is someone giving us a sign of threat? Will they do to us like they did this poor animal?


– Buy fish. Help the girl and her sick mother

– Need your weapons sharpened or new ones? See the Smith in the old city !

– Miss Esmeralda speaks  at times, like living in past.

– Dart, the Bard, goes without shoes and this during this cold!  Someone to help him and provide rags at least to wrap?

– Miss Mysti offers healing, Miss Jessie makes in herbs, miss Misty makes  in clay and another in wool- two other misses seem of wealth -one wonders what they do for a living

– on that note, counting the male population it is obvious that women are more brave and more resistant than male, or how is that they outnumber them?

– One or more dark cloaked figures are more often seen around the St Vitus  village and old city of Dee.


today: anonymous

The Carcass
While in the market near the stalls the little girl kept smelling an awful smell, one she had smelled back in her home when the sweating sickness hit the villages and people had been taken out of their homes and placed in heaps onto a cart and wheeled away, she hoped this was not the case and decided to investigate the horrid smell and came across a dead deer. Poor creature she thought but did not look to close to see what had taken its life instead she ran back to the animal stalls and gathered hay into her wagon and abruptly went back to the rotting corps and covered it the best she could, she lost her balance at one point and nearly toppled onto the deer her hand slipped into the rotting meat as she caught her balance quickly wiping the mess off onto her apron she stood walking down to the water she washed her hands the best she could then dried them on her apron
Although the smell still leached out from under the straw it was not as strong a smell and may not hinder the buying of her wares from the villagers; or turn their tummies. As she walks back to the market area she digs in her pocket for the last piece of bread and pops it into her mouth, not long after she becomes ill and stagers off to find shelter…


Now I came just along the old city square when the nice girl with her cart asked me to buy some fish from her.
I had just to find me a thing to carry it -the fish, not the girl, and took a pot from the Cock A Hoop. Of course to bring it back -but since miss Willow got eaten, who cooks there now. Now the fish was fine and fresh too and took the poor girl a whole lot of work to catch it!
In the Abbey I cooked it for a nice soup and was able to fill some hungry bellies with it. Not just the abbey guests, but as well two good misses -one miss Jessie and the other I don’t know if the name I have in mind is correct, a not too tall, red haired thoughtful one. Later I went to the tavern with the pot in a basket, there I hoped the girl would be, since I promised her a tale. The tale got told, it had them sitting on the edges of their seats, sadly but not the nice girl Drindel. It was for her and her sick mother, the soup, not the tale. But I don’t know where they live. So I hope , does anyone know, so please can you tell me? You can stick a message in the birds feeding häuschen by my cottage, or walk the way up to the abbey and leave it there on the table.


by Dart

Now the Bard he was fishing from the bridge into Dee
when he landed a giant sea-trout!
T’was the largest and finest one you’ll ever see
and the biggest he’s caught without doubt.

When he set it down there on the bridge so that he
could re-bait and catch more, that was when
that that Dexter the cat ran up quick as could be
and tried to steal that fish right there and then!

But Dart is not a slouch (at least some of the time)
and he chased that “Damn Feline” away
but the cat left it’s mark in the side of his fish
and that made Dart angry (Oh, I will say!)

Then when questioning Runa if she’s see it, and where,
she just scolded him,she said (this I swear)
“Dont be such a fool and give Dexter his share”
Can you believe it? No sympathy there!

Well, he’ll find that fish burglar, that furry clepto-cat
if it takes him a year and a day.
And except for refreshments (in the tavern at that)
he wont quit ‘tell that cat’s had to pay!


Stay inside, pray to have enough logs for the fire.


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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