A warning from the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae

“To maintain peace and avoid bloodshed, be warned that a big brown were, possible mad, has been seen by nights all over the human place and rooftops. It moves and leaps in rapid speed, intentions unknown. It may be out for hunting the human kind, or any other. Giving you this warning for that you do not hold us responsible for any harm coming from this, to us yet unknown, were being. We kindly ask to not harm unnecessarily without apparent reason, but inform us about further sightings.”


The loose  Goat with cart that has been running a muck in the old town moved on. Droppings of a most unsavory kind landed all over the place,  a few in the Smithies along with a few piece of wood from the cart, then off it ran bucking and kicking,  into the cock and hoop, knocking chairs and tables and making  a mess, unstopped by anyone.
It found the food,  eating all that was within her grasp.


– Cock A Hoop back to full business. With Miss Willow back, the fires and candles are lit again and the place became  more and more cozy again. If it was not for the newly created mess in there. Will Miss Willow find helping hands once more to undo the mess?


– Carcass burned. Finally a solution for the stinking remains of the gift of a hunter for the tavern has been found.     Next time maybe stew instead maggots?

– Miss Esmeralda voices concern about a missing girl and her sick mother. ” With her own hands ” the old woman, by many called mother, tells us ” did she catch it, the fish and the soup was good, really. But she did not come to the abbey that day and also not to the tavern for the tale time. Now the soup is empty and nobody knows where they live”

– Would parents do such?
Apparently a boy was left behind when a lucky captain set sails again and left the isle.

– Dart dangerous drunk or brave hero? On several occasions now has the bard encountered one or more drow where he has shown a silly or punky behavior and talk towards them.   He would slam the door in front of their nose, attack them verbally and moving speedily around them as if trying to confuse them. Dart, oh Dart, not that you burn your fingers or soul there. The Dark Elves are not quite known for their sense of humor and it is questionable, since their intention lay in the dark, how they will take such ‘welcome’ in long term.

– Able to feel drow?
Is miss Miggins siding with the drow, is she a drow in disguise living amongst us? Are we feeding a poisonous snake at our chest? Beware.

– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– New shipwrecks around the shores. For medical aid see miss Mysti.


A Goodbye

Only a moment that changed life, a moment that woke a feeling new and familiar same time. Familiar because it is in our nature. To love. To care. To protect. Only a moment it did last, a moment long enough to miss greatly, a moment long enough to worry greatly.
It is not easy to let go. It never is easy to say good bye. Farewell. See you again?
Be safe, where ever you are. From now on I have candies in my pockets at all times.
Moments can be oh so short.

From Miss ‘mother’ Esmeralda


Does the winter ever end? Keep yourself warm against the cold !


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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