Cryer #180


There are alarming reports of a huge boar loose in the woods near to town. This most dangerous creature has even been spotted drinking from the trough outside the Cock a Hoop Tavern. Indeed, worse, the City Guard Marco appeared to be having a slight altercation with the Cora, when what should appear, the largest hairiest pig anyone has seen on Dee, complete with the most evil looking set of tusks. Out of the bushes steps Veldrin the Hunter and he persuades the Cora and Marco to retreat towards the steps to the City walls. But then in a show of outstanding bravery (or stupidity?), Marco steps forward crying “I am a City Guard it is my duty to protect the people” At this point the ‘people’ were heading for the hills in the shape of the city walls! Subsequently, watching from their grandstand positions, those spectators saw firstly Marco shouting at the Boar and the Boar squealing back at him. Then when this didn’t frighten it off (though some watching were clearly terrified by the sounds); proceeded to pirouette and twirl with his cloak like one of those strange Iberians who annoy bulls for sport. The result, a torn cloak and a confused Boar; at this point the wily Hunter, perched on a nearby balcony fired an arrow into the stones near to the Boar, causing sparks and chippings to be flung up at it. This coupled with the yelling whirling dervish in front of it was too much for the porker and it ran off into the forest.

To all of those citizens reading this, if you see the Boar, please do NOT try to do a Highland Fling in its face, it is imagined that this will no longer work and you may find yourself being the bacon not taking it home.


Yesterday the village folk all gathered for their weekly bardic meeting. As they entered they noticed (most of them, Dart seemed beyond seeing much), that the Hunter Veldrin was slumped in the corner demanding ale. To be honest it appeared he had already have sufficient. Whilst the meeting continued on its merry way with a tale from Miss Esmerelda, a disturbance broke out in the other room, which culminated in a masked woman in black throwing a pot of ale over the Hunter (lets face it – not before time, he could do with a wash). The meeting quickly broke up when the Hunter drew his bow and appeared to be threatening another woman, ordering her to leave the tavern and pursuing her into the woods. Meanwhile the masked lady in black as telling some ridiculous story about the other woman having trod on his toe. One wonders what it was all about; and one wonders also whether ruffians like him should be allowed to disturb the peace in this way.


Dart’s Occasional Dee Diary

I was on my way to the river that night,
to catch myself a trout
when I met this big fellow
named “Marcus the Guard”
and he looked just right for the job, no doubt!

Had his cloak and I’m sure that his dagger and sword
where hidden, though quite out of sight,
And his cold swarthy image
would certainly serve
to keep peace in the village all right.

So I told hime about the problems I’d had
with the drow  in the tavern sometimes.
and how they were rude
and made threats against me
and even insulted my rhymes!

But as we talked, he expressed some queer thoughts
about changes  Dee needed to see..
About how that the elves
and the humans themselves
could all live as one big family!

Well you can be sure that I told him my view
“Sure we all can together be fine.
As long as the elves
remember their place
I can certainly also keep mine!”


– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– New shipwrecks around the shores. For medical aid see miss Mysti or miss Miggins


Although still icy, tulips start to grow. Snow stopped, rain is to expect

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