Cryer #181


The young girl, Drindel, was found by Jessie, and now rests in her shop. The girl is very ill and we do not know where her parents might be. If you happen to know, or if you are the parents of this young girl, please contact either Jessie or me so we can reunite Drindel with her family as soon as possible.


After several attacks on Villagers and Fae, the hunter introduced a plan of capturing the boar to those who wanted to listen. See the hunter for details.


It has been reported that a united delegation of Townsfolks and Dark Elves entered the forest , having been met with more hostility than appreciation by the Tribe of Fae and gathered Rogues and Villagers. They introduced a concept of peace between all races, while creating some confusion about the current government of the humans. Namely a young woman of the name Cali was mentioned as leader, but as well Dart , the local bard. While the guard Marco di Cavaliere, and the celtic noble, better known as Master Yaron, the Smith, spoke in a way leaving no doubt on them perceiving themselves each the chosen one. This opens up the question when and if the villagers and citizens have been asked about their wishes and agreement. Sir Yaron left the meeting indicating that it was a waste of time, while


Dart has been seen rolling in pain , frequently passing out, drunk and talking about toadstool. Will he survive the poisoning?


Several eyewitnesses report about the heart- touching beauty of a Unicorn that they want to have seen in the forest.

On a humorous note regarding the competition for governer;  Sir Cavaliere  called celtic Smith weak, corrected himself though quickly to call him a Sensitive Man.


Miss Misty, on a whim of some sort decided to take a stroll to see the lighthouse. On just entering she felt a sting on her arm, then another. So many stings she got that she ran off towards the village and into the city yelling for Jessie, whom she had seen earlier. Hoping beyond hope that a herbalist could do something to help her, as there seemed no other to turn to.

Jessie was finally found and seen to run towards the sound of her name.
Stingers were removed and salves applied and great thanks to the strength of one called Richard, who did carry the pain wracked girl to the home of Jessie for  treatment.


A little fellow named Kris has settled into the abbey with Esmeralda and spends many days sweeping and cleaning for Willow down at the inn, but it has also been reported that he was seen in the company of Runa the elf. Sure she is one of the “good” elves but what did she need with a human child alone in the woods. Kris won’t talk, except to mention magic. Is this the source of the elves powers perhaps doing rituals of magic on our children. we must be vigilant against all dark powers even those masquerading as “friends to humans”


As she sets her evening tea down on the rough wooden table she smiles watching the fire, for the night was cold and brisk, but her shop was toasty. The crackle eased her mind, drawing her legs into the char she curled up mesmerized by the flickering flames that danced across the logs that nestled into the bed of glowing coals. As she felt herself relax she jolted forward, dropping her knees, her bare feet hitting the floor as the sound  of rustling came from the backside of her door. standing quietly she stepped closer her bare feet gliding the wooden floor as the boards creaked and popped. Peeking from the window she saw no figure at the door, moving back to turn her eye caught a bundle at her door, rushing to the door she opens it and looks down finding fabric. With a bit of hesitation she kneels before it riffling through it to find the cold dirty face of the small girl.- Drindel? -she spoke astonished as she watched for breathing, her chest lifted slowly, and then dropped almost unnoticeable, seeing the breathe her heart jumped as she scooped the child up quickly and brought her in to the shop.-


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