Cryer #182


A delegation of  town women cornered the village urchin Kris this week and forced him to bathe with warm water and soap. After undergoing this traumatic event he was presented with a set of new clothes courtesy of Jessie the herbalist. Kris can now be approached without holding ones nose.

Richard Verlangen has been threatening to cut Kris’s exceedingly long hair but has been unable to catch hold of him.


The young girl, Drindel, that was found by Jessie, was last said to be in the hospital under the care of miss Mysti.


After several attacks on Villagers and Fae, the Hunter introduced a plan of capturing the boar to those who wanted to listen:

The plan was to capture the Boar in the barred cell just inside the City gates. As bait fallen over ripe and rotten apples are being collected by the Boy Kris and taken to the cell and locked in. When sufficient apples have been gathered, trails of single apples will be laid towards the open cell. A guard must be in place at all times, concealed for his own safety on the city wall. When the Boar goes into the cell and starts eating the apples, he will rush down and close and lock the door. If he fails and the Boar escapes, it is anticipated it will become drunk on the cider produced by the fermenting apples and will be easy to track and kill.

If the Boar is able to be captured alive, it has been agreed to allow the Cora Runa to investigate to see if there is a reason for it’s murderous rage.

(( OOC: the boar is metered. You can RP or meter fight it. In large crowds we suggest  meter ))


A delegation of Townsfolk and Dark Elves  introduced a concept of peace and cooperation between all races, whilst simultaneously creating a great deal of confusion about the current government of the humans. Mainly the uncertainty of a leader being either elected or found amongst them.

A long and confused argument ensued, but eventually a young woman of the name Cali was mentioned as leader, as was  Dart  local Bard (who at the time was too drunk and drugged on mushrooms to accept or deny nomination). At this  the Town Guard Marco di Cavaliere, and the Celtic noble, better known as Master Yaron, the Smith; who had originally put forward the plan indicated that they wished to be leader or leaders ( Marco strongly supporting Yaron). However, each of them, who was most vociferous then indicated that although he wanted to lead initially that he did not want to be permanent leader.

The Hunter Veldrin offered to vacate the Castle as a conciliatory measure so that it could, as had been requested, be used as the city focal point of government.

It was pointed out however that whilst all of these discussions and arguments continue, nothing is being done and the Cora will refuse cooperation until a leader has been decided upon. Sir Yaron  left the meeting giving the air that he considered it a waste of time.

The rest of the meeting broke up in disgust and confusion a little while later.


On a humorous note regarding the competition for Governer;  Sir Cavaliere  called Celtic Smith weak but Noble; but rapidly corrected himself to say that he had meant that he was a Sensitive Man..

This of course reminds us of our favourite Bard who wrote:

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles..


– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– For medical aid see miss Mysti , healer in the City of Dee hospital or miss Miggins, herbalist of the St Vitus village

– Join the Legion. Talk to Sir Marco di Cavaliere

– Don’t slip due stepping in horse dung


Her tummy still queasy and a bit dizzy , she spots a man through the window and asks him for help to get out.. He opens a back window pulling her out , she runs off thanking the man.
She searches for hours the chill taking hold she has no cape no shoes her dress yet pretty is only of cotton not wool like the cloths she had on all gone just like her goat, she stumbles into a house with many beds, her sickness coming back with sweats and chills.

Drindel wakes blinking her eyes, adjusting them to the dim light of the night she yawns and seams to think there was people here a new blanket was on the bed, she sits up, again looking about a bit dizzy she slides to the edge of the bed hunger and longing for her pet goat motivates  her to move on, she can not get close to the people here not yet , all those she trusted before, sent her away abandoned her to others and their disciplines and dirty work. She shall miss the lady with all the herbs; all though she woke in the herbalist bed with new cloths she still has no trust  and longs for that which was hers..

If they find out she has no Mother  no Father only a goat, they will take her away and lock her up or send her to some awful place .


Certainly still very cold. The weather changes with the strong winds, snow follows rain , rain follows snow.


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