Cryer #183


Old and young came together to sit by the warming fire in the tavern when the local drunk and bard Dart surprised with a romantic fairy poem. Miss Esmeralda , despite her pouting not to have been kissed by the Bard, shared two interesting though strange tales. But not everyone was listening, parts due falling asleep, parts since with the smith and nobleman Yaron entering the location a half whispered half yelled heated debate started.

We are curious to hear about why the man was running after Miss Mysti , calling her name, also why and what exactly Miss Misty turned down. The elderly woman and Abbey caretaker Miss Esmeralda, obvious confused,  left the social circle in a rush after mentioning a dark heir.   Smith Yaron strongly rejected any such idea of dark heirs ” Dark Heir? I know not of a Dark Heir” but declared the drow and wildes of dee to be of  more noble character than the humans.


The more confusing the rumor of the fierce girl Cali  that is known to be well accepted amongst  the forest dwellers to be crowned as new Queen of Dee.


It has been heard that the power to be plans that the Hini Tel’kemen Fae Elves  and the Humans share the remains of the old walled City of Dee and the castle, and both sides are to run the shared area with one elected leader each and live in peace.


There is a rumor on a boar being caught in the cell near the gates.
Its apparently hogtied, hurt, but still alive. Sadly we have no more detail on who was involved in the hunting party and who are the brave to namely mention . Leaves one to wonder whether the poor thing can expect a fair trial regarding its crimes.


The young girl, Drindel, that was found by Jessie and last said to be in the hospital under the care of miss Mysti is missing again. Miss  Mysti mentions possible risk of the plague , asks to collect and bring the girl back to the hospital. Also, any hint on the whereabouts of a mother or other relatives of the child are requested to be brought to miss Mystis or the guards attention.


Dart’s Occasional Rant

Dart sets down  the most recent  Cryer
with a look of disgust on his face.
“Who the hell’s this other Bard”?
His writing is a damn disgrace!”
The meter is bad,  the grammar worse.
Illeteration? Not even a fraction!
He does not rhyme, What a waste of time!
The Cryer should print a retraction!
And why is he “our favorite”
when I’ve worked my fingers to the bone
crafting ingeneious poems, and prolific fine tomes
which enhance and enrich Dee,  our home?


– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– For medical aid see miss Mysti , healer in the City of Dee hospital or miss Miggins, herbalist of the St Vitus village

– Join the Legion. Talk to Sir Marco di Cavaliere

– Don’t slip due stepping in horse dung


Thick clouds bring cold, rain and thunderstorm. Its still icy cold.

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