Cryer #184


After much discussion on the subject, a plan for the Council of Leadership for the Humans of Dee has been proposed. These are the members who have been agreed upon so far:
-Cali the fierce girl of Dee
-Marco the guard
-Yaron the blacksmith
-Jessie the herbalist
Those involved are in agreement that a fifth council member would be beneficial in case of any issue in which there would be a tie between all members, however no name has been agreed upon.
We are asking the Villagers (humans) of Dee for their input. We ask two things: If you have any objections to the names  given so far, or if you have a nomination for the fifth member, please write down your suggestion and place it in the box that you find at the Herbalists House and at the Cock A Hoop.
If necessary, a gathering will be called to debate any unresolved issues in this matter.


A female body, seemingly lifeless,  floating in the icy cold waters of Lighthouse bay, her gown billowing around her like a feather pillow, gently caressing the frozen blueish pale skin. Brave men rushed to risk their own lives, throwing off heavy weapons, armour and tunics, they  entered  the deadly cold waters; and miraculously brought the girl to the shore. Water cascading from her body like glittering jewels against the pale blue/white alabaster skin; helped her to breath and finally a faint pulse being found, rushed her to the warmth of a dwelling. It is hoped that none of the men took advantage of the unconscious body, the soaked clothes outlining her curves. But one thing is not in doubt; It will be a miracle if the woman survives


The sick girl, Drindel, that was found and cared for by Jessie Miggins; and then subsequently by Miss Mysti in the hospital, who as previously reported missing; has still not reported to have been found. Is she dead? No news about the  whereabouts of any relatives of the child. Are they hidden somewhere at the Isle and and did they and the young girl herself bring the foul scourge of the Black Death to our land.

Should someone suffer the following symptoms;  High fever, headaches, painful, aching joints, nausea and vomiting Painful swellings (buboes) in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin and a general feeling of malaise….. Is advised to seek out the healers without delay.


Reports have been coming in about a small red dragon being seen in the village. So far it seems the only eyewitnesses have been a couple of children, a woman suffering from head injuries and a young man noted for his love of mushrooms and other earthly delights. It seems our local legion and hunters will have something else to hunt beside wild boar. This reporter feels there is more fiction than fact in this story.


Dark elves continue their “nice” campaign. Townsfolk everywhere are falling victim to the dark elves.
Comments like …”oh they are so handsome”, “oh they are so clever” can be heard throughout the villages.
It is time to wake up citizens and drive the  Drow from our  village.

(editorial comment does not reflect the opinions of this paper)


Yesterday as the sun started to set over the forest, Dart, seemingly wandering composing yet another verse spotted the Boar and, realizing that it could not get to him over the river no doubt taunted it. Then spying the Hunter Veldrin tracking the beast pointed it’s whereabouts out to him, promising to reward him handsomely and commission a plaque commemorating his bravery, when he (Dart) became Governor (and all this for only 2 gold pieces).

The Hunter ignoring Dart’s promises; and seeing that the boar had now crossed the river upstream where it was a muddy bog  Readied the long spear he had carried specifically for this confrontation advanced towards the boar, which immediately charged. There followed a battle of such epic proportions, that even Roland’s mighty stand against the Moors would be put to shame. All this witnessed by Dart from behind a large tree, shouting advice and encouragement, whilst looking longingly over his shoulder in the direction of the tavern.  Luckily for Veldrin the result differed in that both he and the Boar survived, though the pig was rendered senseless and he was badly gored in the thigh.

After a long and difficult struggle, between them they managed to drag the, by now, trussed up porker to the lock up by the main city gate, where, after convincing Marco the Legion Commander; not happy about a foul beast in his cell, not to slaughter the raging animal, but to send word to the Cora Runa who wished to examine it in order to find out why it was so unpleasant. (Veldrin was heard to mutter “it is because it is a Boar right?”).

The wounded Hunter was taken to the Infirmary, laid on a bed and had the poor fortune to have dart, sew the wound his leg together, whilst bickering with Marco. Then, Dart, no doubt overcome with a feeling of righteousness (read: THIRST), abandoned the poor Hunter, whose leg, now resembling a poorly darned sock, lay groaning in the Infirmary watched over by the Guard Commander. Luckily, as Dart stumbled into the Tavern, who should he see but the Healer Mysti, who having rushed to the wounded man’s bedside, managed,to save the leg and right the suspect embroidery so that Veldrin may hunt another day.

NOTE: Children are reminded not to poke their fingers through the bars or the pig may remove them for you!

* POETRY (from our resident Bard)

The day was bright and sunny and he decided to take some air
along the river near the forest , where the view is grand and fair.
And as the Bard was gazing out and  whistling a lively tune
he heard a snuffly sound nearby, and turned, not a second too soon!

The boar came charging quickly, through the bracken where Dart stood
grunting loud and drooling slobber, with a look that would curdle blood.
Well Dart took off on the double, bare feet pounding turf and stone
and leapt across the river, meaning to high-tail it to his home.

But the boar stopped at the water, seems that pig doesn’t like wet feet
and Dart thumbed his nose at the creature, and called him names I cannot repeat.
Just then along came the hunter, he’d been tracking (as he does best)
and  the boar came over the bridge, charging  the hunter, tusks aimed at his chest.

Well the Bard shouted out to encourage the brave hunter as he fought
“Watch his teeth”, “Your sword strokes are slow” and “Fight like your mother taught!”
‘Till the boar was subdued with a swift underhand stabbed  right in to it’s upper torso
but the hunter was hurt in the carnage that day (maybe his parry one time was too slow.)

So Dart tied the feet of that grizzly beast, tied them tight with an overhand knot
and applied a tight band to the hunters bad leg and the bleeding it finally stopped.
“Lets roll the smelly thing to the river,  let it drown and  be finally dead”
said the Bard, but the hunter would no let that be, “Cora wants it alive, ‘what he said.

So they pulled and they tugged ,  they swore and they sweat ’till the cell it came finally in sight
and they jailed that damn thing then  collapsed with a sigh,  exhausted from the hard fight.
Then they got the poor hunter to the clinic and Dart found a needle, thread and a pail
and he stitched up that leg quite as good as was new, then he sped to the tavern for ale!


Mysti is surprised and overwhelmed by the mysterious appearance of a new fireplace in the hospital.  If anyone would like to come forward and take credit she would be most grateful.  She finally cleaned up the mess made by Jessie who thought the hospital was on fire, in her confused state after falling into the river, and poured water onto the new fireplace and on the hospital floors.  What a mess but finally cleaned and warm and dry.

Alls well that ends well.


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