Cryer #185


After much discussion on the subject of a plan for the Council of Leadership for the Humans of Dee , all Dee wonders how the matter proceeds.


The  woman that has been rescued by brave men rushing to risk their own lives lives.
Miss Miggins was the unlucky to fall into the water while searching for the missing child Drindel.
Now, miss Miggins is in a mess, since, the child got found eventually ( see narrative report further down in this paper ) , but the guard that took care of the woman is missing since.
Witchery or did he fall to the mysterious sickness that came to the Isle?


The sick girl, Drindel, that was first found and cared for by Jessie Miggins; and then subsequently by Miss Mysti in the hospital, who was then again reported missing; been found again and should be in the care of the hospital again; unless they lost the child again.

Miss Mysti examined the child  for plague and found her, though with high fever, to be without plague.  It is feared however that her mother may have the plague as described by the child and needs to be found and brought to the hospital
On another note, the child needs care and if she must have her goat with her, so be it.

The bard Dart broke down last Monday with typical symptoms of the plague and is now in the hospital, too. Is it wise to gather the sick near the yet well residents of the old city?
Would it not be advised to find a place outside the city to put them under quarantine ?

Should someone suffer the following symptoms;  High fever, headaches, painful, aching joints, nausea and vomiting Painful swellings (buboes) in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin and a general feeling of malaise….. Is advised to seek out the hospital without delay.


The boar that lives a comfortable life in the city cell by the gates is considered harmless by the Fae and therefore can be let out as agreed. Now, with the city guard missing, who has the key to open the door? Certainly there are many seeing the Boar as a good meal, and really, who would be that stupid to let good meat out once captured? Have not been brave men injured in their hunt for the beast? Miss Cali, secretly by many seen as the true candidate to govern the humans demands a fair fight. Again, we wonder?


A body was found at the side of the old wall. All that was left were a pile of bones with old and tattered green clothing. What was strange is that, the bones seemed to be much older then the cloth itself, years older. The clothing looked as though it was sitting for but a half year.

The person who found the remains found only a strange  looking being drawing on a old and crumbling piece of parchment that looked as if a child drew it. There were three people in it. One of the three people drawn was red. The other two were green and one of which was very tall. The only words that could be read were, “My Sisters.”

The bones showed no evidence of how this person passed away.

— editorial note:
The cryer and people of Dee would be grateful to know who the mysterious reporter is that sent this. A dead deserves a funeral, and there should be investigations on what caused the persons death. Is it another victim to the strange sickness ?

Please help to bring light in the open questions;

Who found the bones?
When has the body been found?
Where are the drawings now?
What happened to the pile of bones?


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