Cryer #186


The winner of the vote, and new head of the human council of Dee is the fierce young miss Cali!

The Cryer Editors congratulate !

Now we all hold our breath to hear an official statement of the Head of Council, who will claim the other seats at the council and what plans are made.



Sources have stated that a commotion had taken place in the voting room on this the second day of voting. Master Yaron, former lord of ireland, had walked into the room to monitor Miss. Cali as she had placed her vote. It was then that the town drunkard, Dart had suggested that Yaron cast a vote for Master. Dart in Cali’s behalf. Yaron was astonished and of course ignored Dart’s request. Later that hour Dart was seen digging into the voting box with his hand in what had seemed a plot to change votes.  Dart stated that he was trying to push the votes down to make more room for others. Cali, and Yaron both jumped towards  Dart and inspected his hands. Was this a moment of personal desperation or a noble moment from Master. Dart? We may never know.


A confirmed anonymous source has stated that while in the voting chamber trying to change votes Dart was seen cowering from the girl Drindel and fearing for his life. Apparently he has been seeing demons, but all Drindel had with her was her pet goat. Is Dart going mad? He started sweating, acting really strangely, and tried hiding behind Master Yaron the noble blacksmith. A concerned villager asked “Will Dart be alright?” We must all keep an eye on Master. Dart for his own safety.


Jade and I found the following note, along with a drawing on the wall of the tavern.

“To the round ears who keep the cock and hoop
We the wilds do not often give gifts in good will
But when we give we expect it to be respected
You though mocked our gifts and hurt our pride
You discarded good ale and good nectar
Refusing to drink a drink in friend ship
Now drink the pure water of Dee
And drink you will unless you want to drown”

I, Cali, on behalf of the wylds, ask the humans of Dee to show those who live in the forest the respect we would show each other. If we are to keep the peace we have on this isle, we must respect those who live here, and this includes the wylds.

It may only be a case of hurt pride this time, but if one group decides to treat another as if their kind deeds have no worth, the peace we work so hard for will be shattered.


Dart lies down on the haystack to die
by the stable, in town near the stable.
He’s held our from the boils and the fever it seems
just as long as he ever was able.

“Just as well” he’s heard mumbling
to the one that is nearby,
“No one cares anymore
t’s a good time to die”

“Just bury me close to the lighthouse and keep
that damn cat far away as can be
At least for a week, and by then I am sure
I wont care anymore, don’t you see.”

So the tavern is cold, no bardic to lighten
the mood of the townfork of Dee
And the bard tried to die, but the time was not right
or at least that is what said Cali

So he lies in the bed in the infirmary
and just hopes through the sweat and the pain
that the demon girl Drindle  will just let him be
and not try to be “helpful” again



– Should someone suffer the following symptoms;  High fever, headaches, painful, aching joints, nausea and vomiting Painful swellings (buboes) in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin and a general feeling of malaise….. Is advised to seek out the hospital without delay.

– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– For medical aid see Miss Mysti and Sir Coke, healer in the City of Dee hospital or Miss Miggins, herbalist of the St Vitus village

– Join the Legion. Talk to Sir Marco di Cavaliere if you can find him.

– Don’t slip due stepping in horse dung

– Beware the aggressive Lighthouse bees

– Do NOT feed alcohol to the Bard

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