Cryer #187


To the Citizens of Dee…

I regret to inform you all that the Cock a Hoop tavern is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed.

However, I am delighted to tell you that the Cock a Hoop will be moved to a more suitable and larger building within the next week.

However, furniture within the currant building will need to be moved to its new home, the building by the castle walls.  I was hoping to arrange a mass move with as many people as possible taking part. However, if prior to any further announcements you have time on your hands, I would greatly appreciate it if you could move a chair or two to the new building.

As well as the tavern there will be a small library area, and a children’s corner for our youngest residents.

I would also like to thank those that took their time to help me move most of the furniture across to the new building, it isn’t an easy task and I am grateful to you all.

Until further notice, the tavern is not in business and I greatly apologize for any inconvenience.

Willow Kagore

Editorial Note: We rushed to interview miss Kargore and asked where the Bardic Circle will take place next Monday
”  Well, they can come here to the new tavern, considering the old one is… a little wet” she answered  under adding that they may have to bring their  own refreshments.


“I am going back to bed .. . today was not a good day.  ” miss Mysti let us know.
She took  a sick one to the tavern for hot stew after trudging back from voting.  “There is always stew on the stove, so delicious made by Miss Willow, but no stew be seen on the fire.  In fact no food anywhere but only bread on the bar.  I  and Riven sat and starving, consume the bread and warm ale.  ”

“Today I  went to the tavern only to find all the furniture piled high on the porch and a flood in the tavern.  Just when things were looking good.  Where is everyone moving to?  ” She tells that she had  followed Drindel and Miss Esme ralda to take chairs to the Castle.
“Where is all of Miss Willows good food to be found?” she asks and tells that she uses to get  lost and then found again ” in those cursed woods.” Also she shares the high entertaining fact of a “A strange man was seen lurking inside of Miss Jessie’s shop but no sign of Miss Jessie.  Then the man disappeared. ” and wonders if  anyone has seen Jessie?


Up in the Castle a mysterious thing was happening. A dagger was found on the scullery floo, but  when placed on the table it would jump off again. There are assumptions that maybe Dart is the one with the demons for he was at the Castle for voting the day before.


Drindel announced herself to be queen of the Castle when Lady Cali came upon her with a paper crown and a speared fish as her scepter.


Lady Cali was moving the furniture around at the Castle getting ready for a meeting when she came down with the sneezes and coughing.
It got worse so she and Drindel walked to the hospital. The next day Drindel went running off looking for a healer.
Distracted by Lady Esme on the bridge carrying a big pot of stew and sputtering about a hunter and a blond child she shrugged and followed the Old woman into the Cock and hoop.

Soon a large crowd gathered inside “think they all were hungry or thirsty because they all never gave it much thought to the watered covered floor, until Lady Willow came and shewed  them all out”

Miss Willow  did coax them into helping move the furniture over the newly built bridge on the way to the Inn next to the Castle.


Since Drindel heard the villagers talking about Dart and him about to die, she ran into the woods looking for the Forrest peoples help.
Lost and scared she cried out.; and there in the Forest a silhouette of a lady with eyes that glowed  as the full moon cast shadows about the lady was not pleased even though she smiled.

When all was said and done the Child left the forest with a man dressed in green.

This is what the Little one told Miss Esmeralda regarding the Bard Dart ” Oh! the lady of the woods I ..she … well she says if the man be true and wished to live then he is to come to her and be kind about his asking for help he can nots be mean or such but maybe she will consider him his sickness that makes him mean maybe more people need take him to the woods for the healing.
Editorial note Children never get everything right, so its left to wonder about what happened to the girl in the forest, if it is true that she actually was there talking to someone.


We heard about  strange things started to happen in Miss Esme cottage and asked her about
“Ghost are all over like the good man Riven says but I do nicht appreciate them to live in mein tea cups, ja?  When the boy Jeremiah got scared by summwhat the hunter said he ran screaming away from mein hut, throwing that cup into the corner on the floor. Strange enough it is in a whole, but then started to jump off the table when ever we tried to put it there. ”
She kicked the cup off her hut, so she says ” Had three, now have only two cups left, fer when guests come fer tea”


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