Cryer #188


The Cock a Hoop tavern by the gates is closed due to circumstances that cannot be fixed, but moved to the old hotel building, that the elderly of Dee claim to recognize as the original Cock A Hoop. Willow informs to be delighted that the new location is a more suitable and larger building.
The move seems complete and everyone had a part in helping. In the attic of the Cock A Hoop  is a library area, and a children’s corner for our youngest residents and there are still beds for Travelers at the upper floor.

Yet  although the tavern got not officially opened, it is well visited be all villagers and even wyldkin and dark Elves got seen there.

Unconfirmed reports tell about rats that got struck and buried outside by parts brave , parts hysteric women that came together in the tavern one evening.

On Monday during Bardic, Miss Esmeralda provided a poem of Dart – he , for some reasons that are described below, was not there.
Miss Esmeralda kindly gave us the crumbled piece of paper so we can publish it here:

When mice and griffen eat their fill
on sandy beaches under hill
fish find their pockets lined with sands
that ripple through their feathered hands.

When men and elf and winged beast
can wander free, the orpans feast
on rumor rife with slandered lie
and fevered bards emit a sigh.


The human council had their first meeting on Saturday. Here is a summary of what was decided.

Cali has been put in charge of negotiations of peace with the wylds and all others who live in the forest. She has also offered her services as a town guard to ensure the humans are well protected.

Yaron has been put in charge of maintaining building structures, and overseeing any other building projects necessary to make life easier for the villagers. He has also taken the lead position of the guards and security measures to keep Dee safe.

Mysti has taken charge of keeping the hospital well supplied and staffed.

Jessie was not able to make it to the meeting.

The Fifth Member: Two names have been suggested for fifth member, but a decision has yet to be made.

It was also suggested at the meeting that a dance be organized in celebration of the end of elections. The time and place have yet to be decided, but everyone on the isle will be invited as a symbol of the new agreement of peace between humans and wylds.


Everyone stay aware for any new person one may see in Dee. Apparently the number of shipwrecks and arrivals here is growing in number. New people are seen daily. Any voyage by sea tends to be wearisome so if you see any newcomer please remember to do what you can to help them, you were once a newcomer as well.

Sir Yaron


Rumors brought by the girl Drindel have it that Master Dart had been eating mushrooms he finds in the forest and that it was those mushrooms that have pushed Dart’s sanity over the edge.

Sir Yaron had this to say about that event “To be honest I do not know what to make of what she told me, I am not a physician. I did tell her to go to the hospital with the information, and that the persons there may know what to do with the information that she had to offer.”

On that note, when Ms. Elizabeth  with  her daughter  and Sir Yaron were enjoying breakfast and conversation inside Jessie’s Tea House, Dart was seen running back and fourth behind the shoppe screaming for the lady and requesting that she purchase a chicken from him that seemed limp and lifeless. He was also proclaiming that it birthed double yolked eggs on a regular basis and that it was worth 3 coppers, or one with some black tea. He then picked up the rooster outside of Miss Jessie’s Shoppe and offered Jessie the pair of them for breeding. He then offered the pair for 5 copper thinking his cargo was worth something.

At that time  Ms. Miggins had left to gather herbs and other materials and locked the door. Poor Dart could not get in, and the customers inside could not leave.

Yaron, Elizabeth and her child had to crawl out of the shop via a window


She sneaks up to that room with the sand, sheds her skirts, adorns herself with silks, and dances into what could only be called oblivion.  She dances from the light of a new dawn until the sky blackens.  Is she unaware of any passage of time, or any onlookers?  Who is this mysterious woman?



There have been reports of more activity happening at the smithy. Sir Yaron has reportedly been seen working very long hours making household items for others in Dee. It seems as if the blacksmith has a new found sense of confidence in what he is doing, after building Dee’s peace bridge near the castle.

What will he do next? And will the ocean bring us a Carpenter too again?


Misty Harcassle whispered behind a hand  to the women of Dee “There in the tavern, I did see it for myself. I have only heard of places such as those where the silken clad dancers preform” and she moved away still giggling.

Editorial Note: It seems spring is knocking on Dee’s Gates.


–  Smithy Grand Opening

The blacksmith is now in business. if you need anything metallic you know where to go.
Sir Yaron the blacksmith also has examples of his work in the shoppe and around town.

Some examples of his work:
The bridge in Dee near the Castle. “Peace Bridge”
the large iron planters outside Ms. Miggin’s shoppe
Items made for the hospital: Tea kettle with hearth hanger, ladle, four mugs, and a door knocker with knock plate

– Should someone suffer the following symptoms;  High fever, headaches, painful, aching joints, nausea and vomiting Painful swellings (buboes) in the armpits, legs, neck, or groin and a general feeling of malaise….. Is advised to seek out the hospital without delay.

– Market spots available. Trading flourishes at the Isle. Want to claim a spot to offer your wares that you crafted? Talk to miss Misty

– For medical aid see Miss Mysti and Sir Coke, healer in the City of Dee hospital or Miss Miggins, herbalist of the St Vitus village

– Join the Legion. Talk to Sir Yaron

– Don’t slip due stepping in horse dung

– Beware the aggressive Lighthouse Wasps

– Do NOT feed alcohol or Mushrooms to the Bard

– Do NOT drink something the children give you!

( by master Dart on shrooms )

He walks into the blacksmith shop
and orders cracked oat bread,
and to the clinic, makes a stop
for “an ale with a foamy head”.

He bangs upon the tavern door
that is closed as one can see
and cries “My boils are awful sore
can I have some rem-e-dy?”

He makes his bed upon the hay
near the stable in the town
and shoos the goats and chickens
to keep them all from laying down.

The orphan girl he was heard to call
a demon is now “Princess”
He’s heard mumbling poems against the wall
and talks to grasshoppers! What a mess!

Oh why has the cheerful bard we knew
come to this unhappy fate?
And when will he recover from
this truly unwholesome state?

We cannot say, but can only hope
that someday soon we will see
the bard we knew, and loved to hate
come back to us in Dee.

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