Cryer #193



Hooray, the cleaning of the Forge and the City Square has born fruit….. hmm looks like golden and pretty coloured fruit at that…..

Exclusive Picture from our resident artist:        Isle of Dee - The Forge - Stink is gone


(Is it rooted in truth, does it branch out into mythology;
or is it just barking up the wrong tree and leaves you cold)

After commissioning that vile creature Veldrin the Hunter to trt to find out what had been happening with Dart in the Forest; he came back this morning and handed me a scroll…. this is reproduced below:


(As spoken to Veldrin the Hunter)

A child of men approached me several times, requesting help from the spirits of the forest to help Dart with his sickness. Later the councillor and other humans asked us to help freeing the bard from his demon possession/obsession. The set condition was that the bard came or was brought to the Cora to submit himself into the  care of the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae by his own free will.

When the pleading of the bard appeared in written form, where he stated that he would change his aggressive ways towards the forest beings, if only they would help him, I started to trust to be able to let the man understand our ways better, if only he survived.

The man Dart approached one day while I was sitting with friends, when he recognized me, he let me take him deep into the forest close to the holy sanctuary and inner circle around our home. There I was able to learn about his sickness.

He was ready to accept death to escape his suffering from eating too many of the flying mushrooms that you call toadstool. Those mushroom spirits playing with his mind and body, waking the urge to eat more and more of the poison that would in the end kill him. I decided he needs to be protected from going to pick and eat more of them, and his body and mind needing cleansing.

Saying he was ready and wishing to be himself again, he gave an oath to not disturb the peace of the place we Fae call home and be calm and caring when approached. Then he let me tie him to the Tree and the Druid of the Hini Tel’kemen’Fae and I began our preparations.

Under abdicating nutrition starting the required fasting, I sought to summon the ancient spirits of the isle and Gaia by singing to them, requesting aid from the Tree Dart was tied to, requesting that they do not kill the man but help the druid and I in our effort to heal. To give him and us the strength; and to allow us channel the energy that we required for this risky ritual that could kill the man and us, if we failed.

Prepared like that we would then start the actual rituals of cleansing that would take days if not weeks. During all the time Dart was kept warm and we provided food, Nectar and water and the guardians of the forest were around to keep the place free from disturbance.

Of course we assumed that, since the human kin agreed to leave him in our care to work our skills on him in attempt to save his life, they understand this time better to leave us alone to do this, to respect the rituals and not to disturb them with their mortal presence, banter and haste. This already in the past almost led to a man dying and war. We trusted they may have learned from the past..but no….

While myself in deep trance, and later exhausted from the strain things went wrong.

Again they barged into, disturbing with their stomping about, their voices, their haste, their ignorance and distrust. Bringing selfish energy into the sensitive aura of the place, during a high sensitive ritual that was only about to begin.

While trying to install a mental link between Dart , myself and the tree, one of your church men – that I had to promise Dart to keep away from him –  and your councillor rushed to stomp , one even in full war attire armed , babble , touch, argue.

The greatest insult of all was that they apparently do not have the patience to wait for results nor the understanding of trust and care. They, who asked us to keep the mans life up, themselves once more made it impossible to work our skills.

I lost connection, the Isle and Gaia worked their own will. The trees took hold of the man and they connected in unexpected way to him. Now we must wait and trust the magic to do work on their own since we are nearly if not completely excluded from directing the progress.

We will continue to try keeping him alive and have him return to his old self in shape and life-form, but if he becomes part of the isle itself , it is to blame on those not keeping their distance.

It is highly shaming to see that those that should know better, think themselves so important as to ignore simple rules of respect. We would not barge into your rituals, we would not bring drums into your church, and you wonder why we react in anger and frustration when our words are not followed.

And above all…. you shall not bring your weapons to our home.

From now on, there is open season on armed humans approaching the wilderness. You bring your weapon, we respond by attacking.

You will learn the hard way since the gentle has failed with you.

Runa Tel’taur,

Yaara’cora Tel’Hini Tel’kemen’Fae,

Yaara tel’elderlie,  Atara Yaara’tel’Merka



The stink from the decomposing Goblin slime permeates every part of the town square, the residents, Especially Healer Mysti have been hard at work scrubbing the cobblestones in and attempt to get rid of it. Our resident artist managed to make this quick painting of Mysti in full scrub mode (unfortunately Mysti made him destroy his first attempt)

Mopping Healer Mysti ***************************************


It has become obvious to all that there is something going on between the Priest Silent and the healer Mysti. They have been seen in various unusual positions in all sorts of compromising places. No wait!…..  perhaps that should read ‘They have been seen in various compromising positions in all sorts of unusual places’

Like this?             Silent the Priest with Mysti the Healer in compromising positions

(Oh come on what did you expect? this is a family publication)



Now really this should be in OOC, although it as done IC….. and it was a total hoot! Lots of mad chickens running around trying to kill us (and succeeding at first)   and then we followed them into psychedelic chicken coops  and got our own back!   …. and at the end of it all there was loot to be had. Anyone who missed this missed some great fun…. unfortunately is was sooo crazy our resident artist failed to capture it on canvass.



Now a lot of you know the child Drindel; and some of you have no doubt been a little confused by some of her stories; I know the Hunter Veldrin has, he dived into the sea yesterday in search of her stuffed rabbit that she had told him it had fallen into the water (actually she told him a sea monster took the meat that she had been cleaning in the sea and also her stuffed rabbit). After a fruitless and extremely cold search, Veldrin climbed, dripping from the water shivering only to find that the Rabbit was being held by drindel and was totally dry…… anyway I digress…. last evening she came to the office of the Cryer and handed over a picture she claimed was some sort of gargoyle that she had see climbing out of a crack in the ground near the Abbey. drindels gargoyle by the church at the isle of dee

Now thinking that it was another case of drindel crying wolf, I reluctantly went up and searched the area; and guess what, right in front of the church steps, there is a crack and coming from that crack are small unpleasant apparitions coming out of it…… so we have a mystery, does anyone out there have an answer?

(The Editor of the cryer would like to apologise to drindel for doubting her words)


The following was received at the Cryer Office from an unknown source. It is a report on the Wylds meeting, from an observer and has been reprinted verbatim:

When we get to listen to tales, we often hear about winged creatures that talk, and about dangers from within the shadows of the forests that lure for prey. When you go to get in touch with the fae, you not only hear about but see them. Gathered of all shades and shapes they sit, and it seems strange that humans are bringing their children to them, that sit snuggled up to Fae, that many know as the maybe most dangerous beings on the Isle. So it happened the past night deep within the forest where the fae sometimes gather. I could not go close enough to hear what was spoken, but as more and more more or less strange beings came together at the fire, the wrathful blood stirring sounds of something big…something hungry… came closer. I left hurriedly to save my own arse when the smell of fresh blood almost caused  me to empty my stomach-which would have put me on risk to be detected.

I wonder; what makes our fellow residents go see the barbarians of the Forest. There must be something about them that has even the priests of the St. Vitus Abbey go to see them.
This does not fool me, and should not fool you. Do not trust them as you should remember the rumor that they rightful own the village and only wait to enjoy our slow destruction. Do not listen to their banter, not to their charming voices. They seek nothing but our vitiation.

Anonymous Reporter



We heard a whisper the other day, apparently a dagger was found on the Council Chamber table in the castle the other day. With the point being positioned so that it was pointing directly at the Council Chairman’s seat. We sent someone to check it out and to make a sketch; but when he arrived he found this:      Goblet in the castle of the isle of dee      Is it me or is this NOT a dagger, hmmm perhaps Cali had too much Mead.?

Was wandering  over the City bridge the other day when i noticed, precariously balanced on the rooftop, a figure in shining armour.  The Guardian at the roof tops of the isle of deeJPG Odd I thought, can’t remember anyone saying they were going to erect a Statue…. and then it moved. It was the glorious leader of our Guard, Sir Yaron. Of course i thought, any murderous barbarians attacking the main gate would be surprised bya knight plummeting from the rooftops. The shock tactic would be devastating. Let’s hope they break his fall.


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