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(as opposed to her normal ‘selective’ hearing)

(no sign language available for this story)



It all started when a foul smell started to permeate the Forge, it was thought that it was caused by the rotting slime left over after the Goblins had left their mark on the place. Although scrubbing of the square was carried out by concerned citizens, it became apparent that mere scrubbing alone wasn’t going to solve the problem; and then, it happened, one morning the smell was gone. When the citizens finally crept into the Forge, they found golden nuggets and green gems. But all was not as it seemed.

It was inevitable that the young girl drindel would be the first to succumb to curiosity, apart from the fact that she is out of bed and up before anyone else on the Isle; and succumb she did. The Hunter Veldrin heard a scream for the warehouse and rushed to her aid. He found drindel, obviously sick (the vomit was everywhere) being attacked by a large rat, which he slew.

Then thinking she had some rat borne disease he carried her to the Hospital, regardless of the vomit erupting down his back at near every stride. As he carried her, drindel kept murmuring about the Goblin Gold and Gems causing her sickness; and he realized that the bites from the rats were too new to have caused her to try to empty her entire body over him. At the hospital he handed her over to the healers and eventually left with a worried expression on his face and a ruined shirt.

Soon citizens from all over were crawling into the hospital with the fever; and soon the hospital was full with nary a bed unoccupied and some patients with blankets on the cold floor near the fireplace. Hospital full to bursting.pngThus it was quickly established that a cure must be found before the Healers themselves, already showing signs of the sickness, fall prey to its rigours, leaving no-one left capable of saving the human population.

At this time an extraordinary thing occurred. The Hunter Veldrin, burst into the hospital; having previously been in to leave the carcass of large stag; was now returning to take something. He rushed in, gathered drindel into his arms (ruining another shirt), and rushed off with her. Followed to a small peninsular on the shoreline near to his camp he had lain the child carefully in a patch of flowers and was standing guard over her. Threatening Silent the Priest with a hail of arrows if he approached.

Something had to be done before the disease tore apart the fabric of society or worse, killed everyone!


Silent, having followed a taunting Goblin, discovered a scroll left by the fleeing green meanie, inside of some green goblin slime. Delving into the slimy revolting mess was stomach churning but necessary to learn clues. It was apparent after deciphering the scribble on the scroll, that they find five items before they could proceed.

Dizzy, weak, with sore throats and stomach pains, Silent and Mysti set off together to find a cure for the goblin curse, leaving Kat and Leana to watch out for the other patients.   Over the course of most of the day, Mysti found Green Root and Silent found the remaining 4 items.  The last instructions were that they to place these items at the foot of something called the heart tree and burn them, in sacrifice to the goblins, and a cure would be be the result.  Exhausted and weak the two pushed on with their search aided by the precious and beautiful foal,  (does it not seem this Foal may be some sort of ‘magical being?)  but all to no avail. Too drained to go any further they returned home resolving to find the heart tree the next day.

The next morning whilst Silent slept, Mysti crept out and went on with the search.  After two hours, legs scraped from bushes and dizziness overtaking her, she let out a scream for help.  The Elf Cora Runa, heard her scream and after a good deal of discussion, agreed to take Mysti to the Heart Tree, but with the promise that Mysti tell no one.  Well Mysti could not make that promise, for she now shares her life and all she knows with her love, so the Cora blindfolded her and led her around the woods for, what felt like an eternity to the location of the beautiful heart tree.  With the ceremony completed, Mysti finally had the cure.  She showed Cora Runa where the goblin scroll lay and believes that even the Cora may have been afflicted also.
Mysti shared the cure with Leana, Kat, Riven and Veldrin who insisted upon keeping the bottle of cure to give to the child, Drindel.  Veldrin later returned the bottle to Kat with instructions to pass it to Mysti.

NB. the following is a note from Mysti the Healer:

Be warned, if thee be still in need of the cure to hold thy nose, for it is putrid tasting but will work fast to heal thee.

For those still attracted to what shines, please remember this experience before thy greed dost take thee over.

signed Mysticall Dream, head healer of Dee



A lot of citizens have noticed that there appear to be a very odd relationship between the child Drindel and the Hunter Veldrin, the most unpleasant and untrustworthy member of the Human community (he even denies being part of that). He seems to almost feel responsible for the little one, obviously caring deeply for her.  Even stranger is the relationship between the child and the Elf Cora Runa of the Wylds, who is not noted for her love of humans. The relationship between the Elf and the Hunter seems to have been strengthened by their mutual affection for the child; and in fact they have been heard bickering like overstressed parents over some of Drindel’s antics. The Hunter blaming the Elf for her lack of rigorousness in control, whereas the Elf says the Hunter wishes to be too strict. Of course while these arguments continue, the young Drindel has free rein to get into more mischief, which she manages with an ease that defies description.



As if the Humans do not have enough problems facing them currently, there has been a noticeable increase in sightings of the Dark ones emerging like moths from their cocoon of the Dark Caves; in fact close observation by our resident artist has recognised and sketched three different Dark Elves; these are:

Orelinde -Graves -Wiktoria - dark elves of DeeWhilst there doesn’t seem to have been any direct threat or attacks made, there is certainly trouble being brewed. Why only the other day during the Bardic meeting in the tavern the following was heard being chanted outside:

“There were some humans corsages and bold”
“They listened to the Wylds And believed there word”
“And now they did as they were told”
“Using Wylds brew on the sick and old”
“Soon they all will fall in decay”
“Victim to Wylds scheming and treachery’s ways”
“Then they will learn the real enemy”
“Not dark elf’s who been good to thee”
“The Wylds that made you sick”
“To get their isle back, that is there trick”

Now that fellow citizens, looks very much like something is being stirred with a very large spoon!

***Stop Press***

I have to add this to the Dark Elves increased activity., I shall reprint it in his own words:

There I was minding my own business in my camp, watching Drindel messing about in the fishing hut, when i hear movement in the bushes. Well I say movement, more like a herd of those elephant things crashing about in there. So I unslings my bow and call out asking who was there, all of a sudden my alarm goes off and this huge great spider appears so I shot an arrow into it and ran like all the demons of hell were on my heels yelling at Drindel to get out and run. Well when I reached her and turned, it had gone. Went back and nothing, just trampled down vegetation.

So dear readers, be warned, the Darkness is stirring, there is a smell of sulphur in the air!


Miss Esmeralda

Our well liked and respected elderly Miss Esmeralda, former travelling artiste, if we are so inclined to believe her stories; previous keeper of the abbey of Saint Vitus and the orphans, has gone into a state of rapid deterioration. She is continuously  going missing for days, when she is found, she talks strangely and has a pitiable haggard look and a stink of decay about her.

During the recent Bardic in the Cock a Hoop Tavern she entered, asking for the Tavern Maid Willow, who has not been seen for several weeks now. Then she went on to talk about spirits and other strange things. Caring hands were able to settle her into the old rocking chair, where she used to entertain tavern guests and their children with amazing tales and fables. This time she would not tell any of those; and had to be fed by Miss Misty, since it was apparent that the old miss is lacking not only of a sense for hygiene but food as well. We have no further information on the poison she keeps talking about. Is it the same as the sleeping powder that she says that she has had prepared by our Healer Mysti? Who, as a good and honest decent law abiding woman, denies to have done so. Whilst Miss Esmeralda changes from moments of clarity to insane drooling rants, it has to be said  as the ranting increases, the clear moments are becoming rare. There is little doubt that she is planning to eventually take the powder to make an end to her suffering. It appears strange then that although she has repeatedly asked for absolution. The very man who can grant her request seems to care more for stuffing his pipe and asking half interested question, than giving the dying woman what she desires..



Human Council Leader  Cali threw her toys out of the pram yesterday after yet another break in at the castle. Two masked figures in black were seen breaking in to the Guards quarters and stealing a number of bows and swords.  Cali, who only a few days ago posted a notice outside the gates warning folks to stay out; was seen by our reporter last night and noticed the steam issuing from her ears. was heard to be shouting something like  “I will not have thieves and vagabonds breaking in to the castle willy nilly. I warn everyone there will be repercussions and as soon as Yaron has sobered up he will be tasked to make arrests, The stocks await the next person found where they shouldn’t be”  Still foaming at the mouth she swung around pointing “Look they leave the doors open after them too”  Our reporter backed away at this point and unfortunately left the main gate open.




I asked her but she ignored me!



YARON DRUNK (again?)

It really does make one wonder about the safety of our citizens. First we see an obviously pie eyed Yaron dancing with drink in hand at the St Patrick’s party. Next we saw him balancing on the roof of the gatehouse; and now crawling out of a pile of fodder after yet another night (Knight) in his cups.


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  1. IzzieM says:

    What? Why is there a Giant Spider in DEE?! Okay..well that explains Elizabeth’s disappearance, she has arachnophobia.


  2. Heh, really, I dont know where it came from ! Nor where it disappeared to. Its save now again :))


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