May Festival at the Isle of Dee

Hospital full to bursting.png


Come and join our celebrations of the return of the sun from its long winter slumber and the re-awakening of the land.

Quaff tankards of foaming ale in the ‘Cock a Hoop’ Tavern; Dance around the Maypole with lusty maidens; drag one off and throw up in the bushes…. no hold on that should be ‘drag one off and throw her in the bushes.

It has been said many times that the May festivals are Pagan and a fertility rite, well we just happen to think that is fine, especially if there are large quantities of the amber nectar and lusty maidens. After all the Maypole is a phallic symbol! So one would have to be a total phallus not to enjoy oneself.

Starts Thursday, 2rd May at 1 pm SLT outside the ‘Cock a Hoop’ Tavern on the Isle of Dee – bring your own food and lusty maiden if you have one to spare.


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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