Medieval Tavern Mayham and Monday Bardic @ 1 pm stl

Ladies and Lords, Human and the like, Kings and Queens, Princesses, Heroes, Bards and Maiden -All are invited and welcome!

Everyone knows it, barely one likes to miss it : the Monday Bardic. It is not only what it is supposed to be , but way more than a bardic! It is YOUR chance to get a foot in the story, to meet ” the others”, to share what you know and listen to the happenings at the Isle.

Not urgently the true happenings, but what each thinks to be the truth. Along with drinks, funny or sad tales, good or terrible songs. Be there, be seen, listen and share.

What Doc did the miss cause such pain , what worms are eating the shirtless man, who dressed the girl in leaves, what happened to the burning stocks and how did the rats navigate that ship all by their own?

Learn about today at the bardic!


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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