Isle of Dee and commitment issues in Second Life

Runa comment: A lovely gem I found here: Carrie Lexington blogged about the Isle of Dee!
If you like, read her charming article and see the pictures she took.

The True Diary of a Second Life® Nobody

It’s a good thing that I have a leisurely SLife with few commitments. Wait, I meant no commitments, because it takes me days to fully explore one place and take pictures. Really, it does.

Not continuous days, obviously. But between logging in, searching for places to explore on Flickr, and Koinup, clearing group notices, answering an i.m here and there, getting side tracked by a live music event, friends in need of something and oh yeah, my life…before I know it, it’s been three days since I first tp’d to the spot that I wanted to explore and take pictures of.

Isle of Dee 1

I finally found some time today to thoroughly explore another very cool role play sim that I found via Facebook. (add me if you want!)

Isle of Dee 2

Isle of Dee is another medieval role play sim that is quite impressive to explore. The role play takes place in the Tudor…

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