Cryer # 196

******STOP PRESS******


Both the Elf Runa and the Hunter Veldrin are searching frantically for the child Drindle who has been missing for a number of days. Having searched the town, and the forest, they are worried that she may have been abducted by Darklings. Veldrin was observed trying to cut his way into the Dark Caves, but so far the child has not been found.



The Hunter Veldrin has announced that he is willing to negotiate a reward for the safe release of the Human child Drindle, if the person or persons who have taken her would contact him, then the terms can be discussed.

Alternatively, anyone who knows the whereabouts of Drindle; or can provide information which leads to her safe recovery will be rewarded.

However whispers have been heard that the Elf Runa thinks that the reward idea will not secure the childs release and she is putting together a plan to storm the Darklings Cave system and asks for the townsfolk to pledge their support.



The Mayday celebrations got under way with a bang, within a short time happy people were dancing and making merry (I shall ignore the business with the Faun and Drindle’s goat). Then just before the announcement of the May Queen…. Zap! there was a flash and half of those present disappeared. The survivors picked themselves up looked around before Zaaaap! a second and even more dramatic eruption and another group of revellers went leaving just four confused and dazed souls staggering around. (Thank you SL !). A frantic perusal of the votes from our impartial judges found us a winner for our May Queen and it was Misty Harcassle, who thankfully had managed to survive. When she appeared in her lovely white May Queen Dress and floral crown some of our impartial judges turned positively partial. We shall never be able to view her mucking out the pigs in the same light again.

“Congratulations Misty!”



(Traditional seasonal Celebration Day if the Wylds)

During this Spring celebration of the New Year, the Council of the Tribe of the Children of Gaia sit in attendance of those who have grievances; petitions and other issues.

Now, during these petitions, Silent approached the Cora Elf under witnesses, to request being wed to his lover, the Healer Mysti. The Elf , as she danced with the local mortals, kindly ignored the requests, until the same request got brought to the council of Fae in the Forest. It appears that the Wylds agreed to give the couple the blessing they requested by a Tree they call the Heart Tree.

(Hmm perhaps this time we shall have a proper celebration with the usual inclusion of an unlimited amount of the amber nectar)

Next followed the Hunter Veldrin, who wished to have his agreement of hunting rights to be officially ratified b the whole council so that he may supply meat to the Town and village folk.

This was agreed, but not without some verbal sparring between the Hunter and the Garou Mortar.

The official part of the ceremony being completed, the attendees got down to the serious matter of enjoying themselves and enjoy they did, with copious amount of food, drink, games and dancing. One of the more interesting matters which was spotted was the influence of the the Elf Cora and the local fool Riven , who is caretaker of the Cock A Hoop Tavern. They shared a plate and food and seemed even to flirt! Daniel , the Hospital Guard and Silent , Commander of the Legion as well as the already named Riven are said to have stayed until the early morning hours with the Elf. Was it Elven magic that charmed the men, and are they still the same after this night with the Elf? I cannot say and shall keep quiet about any suspicions I may have..



It is a strange Dee factor, first we have a pair of steamy ladies (Misty/Mysti), then a plague of priests, monks and all things religious and the next thing you know we have a surfeit of ‘Daniels’ Two of them to be precise, arriving on the island within a short time of each other. So what do we call them Dan, Danny? Danny one, Danny 2; Small Danny, Tall Danny? Shame that the healer Mysti is unavailable, the foursome of Mysti, Danny, Misty, Danny; would have boggled the mind of anyone who had staggered out of the Tavern with a skinful of Mead, talk about seeing double, double. One thing is for certain, Dee looks to increase the numbers of its Guards. Small Danny, already a member of the Legion, has specific duties guarding the hospital (does he keep the sick in or the bad guys out?). It only remains to be seen, assuming Tall Danny joins up, what task he will be given. Although after all of the complaining about castle break-ins, there does seem to be a perfect job opportunity guarding the stocks.

Welcome Daniels:



What would a Cryer be without a report of a break-in at Dee’s most secure building? This note was received from Cali, the diminutive Chancellor of the Townsfolk:

“I, again, found the doors to the castle gates left wide open, and the locks in need of repair. Nothing has been taken, or left for that matter, though the gold goblet which was left a long time ago remains in the council meeting room. If anyone knows anything about who has been breaking into the castle since I began living there, please come and tell me so that those responsible will be held accountable”.

(OOC Note: If anyone RP’s stealing something from the castle, but does not actually move or remove anything from it, please send me a notecard with the list of things I should be missing. -Cali)



Following the Mayday celebrations the Stocks were found to have been burned to the ground. It was reported that Veldrin had been seen on that very night leaving the castle laughing and calling everyone near to see. The case is being referred to the new Legion Commander, who will no doubt wish to interview the Farmer Misty who is known to have been present; and of course Veldrin the one with an obvious interest in destroying the very stocks he is very likely to have graced.



The following note was received from the Padre:

“I wish to inform you all that I have stepped up as the new commander of the Dee Legion, please come greet and if wished to apply to the legion, I will administer the required test.”

To all a good day.

Silent .

(does this mean he gets to execute the bad guys AND also bury them? …. or perhaps cremate them using stocks as fuel?)



The other day I was sitting on the dock having a chat with Jade dangling my feet in the water, when all of a sudden something grabbed my foot and I was pulled into the water. Daniel tried to save me but before he could get me out, I was pushed back up again, and ended up splitting my head open on the edge of the dock..

I was knocked unconscious I don’t know how long for. But when I came around, I was on the shore just a small distance from the tavern. Strangely I thought I heard a stranger’s voice speaking to me. By the time I had fully come around, the only voices I heard belonged to Jade and a slightly-panicked Daniel.

I know there had to be something under the water. Aye, I admit I hit my head rather hard, but that only proves I could not have swum to the shore myself. Could it be that there are Mer in the waters of Dee once again.

(Editors Comment: Could the recurrence of Mer in the waters of Dee account for the loss of the crew of Veldrin’s ship, lured to their watery graves by these sirens?)


The citizens of Dee were woken to the sound of hammering and banging the other morning to find that the old dock by the tavern had been extended and the sweetest of little Galleons tied up. Later the townsfolk found out that Veldrin the Hunter claims ownership of the vessel, telling some suspicious story about finding it drifting whilst out fishing in a rowing boat! Apparently there were no crew on board and no cargo either.


The Pixie, Canned who was present when Veldrin towed the vessel in suggested that it may be a plague ship and recommended that she is left for a period to ensure that any rats who may be onboard may be eliminated. To this end Veldrin is looking to borrow the Lighthouse cat.

On the other hand, Cali seems hell bent on finding out what happened to the crew. After her recent experience of dipping her toes into the murky waters, one would think she would stay firmly shore side.



OK, now i know we are all crazy, The Cock-a-Hoop Tavern has been invaded, not by a shipload of thirsty pirates or a marauding force of Vikings…. no by a flock of sheep! 􀀈

I know Riven is always on the lookout for new customers, but we think it is ‘wooley’ thinking on his part.

Apparently when Chancellor Cali and healer Mysti saw the happy lambs, they firstly brought a dog to shoo them out. This failed owing to the dog, a beagle puppy was far more interested in playing with them than herding them. So in came the Cora Runa who, according to the reports spoke to one of the sheep (yeah right!) and understood that they were afraid of being outside. I mean Agoraphobia, in sheep? come on. It seems that the Elf, whilst being able to find out that they were Agoraphobic, failed to find out why? Orcs were mentioned of course and the Goblins are always looking for an easy meal, but really all we know is they are not scared of small dogs and they talk to Elves.

Whatever the problem is, we need to get them out as soon as possible before the floor is completely covered in sheep droppings and they have drunk all of the mead. Unless Riven wishes to take all of his kegs and barrels, opens the alfresco version of the tavern; and leaves the Cock-a-Hoop to the Rams and Ewes (and a small dog)      􀀉


There was we hear, a wedding, or not. Rumours abound and the couple, the Healer Mysti and the Priest Silent, confirm that there was a marriage. The information about this event is not just a little blurry, but somewhat concerning. If we want to believe the gossip, then it was the local bard Dart who , lets face it,  lost it completely during his recent sojourn in the wilderness, administered the wedding.

An anonymous artist sent in this sketch, but to be honest with you, hand on heart it is not possible to identify who it is.􀀇

Incidentally; as you know we aren’t the ones to ferment gossip in these columns, but it has been mentioned to us that our May Queen Misty, looked so lovely in her new white gown, that one wonders whether she is the next to marry. She did seem, at least according to one person at the May celebrations, to have her eye already on a certain person. The hunter Veldrin has been mentioned. But  is this a wise choice for a lady of such a quiet modest demeanour? He is after all a rough scoundrel of the worst kind, formally Married (although he called her his woman), she lost her mind and was in a pitiful state, being reportedly kept locked in a cage by him before she went permanently missing.


Esmeraldas last will

Thanks to the anonymous decryptor of the last Will of miss Esmeralda, whose original name probably was Gerda, while she used the pseudonym Esmeralda as her artists name, we reprint the translation below:

Last  Will  of Gerda
Mein Willow cun hove ( can have ) all
The bow Dard ( boy Dart) please give mein shoes

Miss Gerda

In the a past edition of the Cryer you would read about our concern about the haste and the circumstances within which miss Esmeralda was buried.

Now we wonder, will they exhume her to let Dart have the shoes he was bequeathed?

And again we need to mention that there were no responses to the questions asked by this news-sheet at that time. It does therefore look extremely odd that the burial of such a well loved woman was handled in such haste. Could it be that a crime was being hidden?

Let this editorial pose this question to the new Commander of the Legion (who officiated at her burial in his other capacity) – WHY?



Lastly and with much trepidation I have to report that frequently anonymous messages are received at this office, the most recent of which we reprint below, without alteration:

Explosion in the City and Burning stocks… The chain of sabotage acts committed to our city goes on. And on top of it, our own government, so you are inclined to call it that, seems too afraid to start investigations. This, or they are protecting the criminals. The New Legion Commander Silent admitted to know about the burning of the stocks, smiled gently and stated that it was a clear message. And Cali, the head of the council claimed not to have been informed about it at all.

This smells of Conspiracy.

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