Cryer # 197

Hear ye Hear ye!

Traditionally, the  celebrate St Vitus Day with a Festival of games, shows, competitions, wondrous wonders, surprising surprises!

Friday , 14th of June- Sunday, 16th of June.

The Official Program starts with SILENT THE MENTALIST two hours before noon.
Watch out for Announcements of the City Cryer all during the Festival!

Come Watch The Shows,
Play the Games of Chance.
Test Your Strength of Mind meeting Silent the Mentalist,
See the dark Pixie for your fortune,
Test your skills at the fun devices, win prizes, find yer love, become drunk!

Come, See,  Be Merry!


In the past a great fun for everyone of any race, also this year the Marathon takes place!
The Race is open for all Citizens and Denizens of Dee, and will be a competition to lighten the heart and gladden the soul.

On Saturday, Saint Vitus Day, the runners will begin to gather by the Cock a Hoop,  one hour past noon (slt).

The course is long and complex, and you are strongly advised to train before the event.
You do not need to register, everyone can join.

Guests and visitors will be most welcome to come and watch, encourage and applaud.



Unconfirmed reports have it, that two women of breathtaking beauty had been standing by the docks, when suddenly one woman turned into a monster, grabbing the other and dragged her under water.



A group of citizens had been invited into the dark elves’ caves in order to search for the child Drindel.
The Chancellor, who apparently missed  the moment, armed herself and went to search.

It is not clear what had her break into the caves, prepared for a fight, only to find that everything had been going smoothly, until she arrived that is.

The Chancellors heavily-armed appearance angered not only the Dark Ones, who had been kind enough to allow the others to come into their home freely.

The Chancellor turned and ran out of the caves distraught and ever since in a fragile state.

Rumors have it that there



The walls of the castle living room now  are said to have giant paintings.
It seems someone has honored Cali in painting , the paintings are signed S.I.A.

[  A secret admirer of our Chancellor or a comic way to address discomfort?]



A Room was found splattered with blood. A shrine had been build there for some kind of ritual.
The details of the ritual and possible suspects are still being investigated.

The local Priest and Legion Commander was found to admit he feels unable to care for the cleansing alone this time. Rumors have it that as well Wylds as Darklyngs have been consulted for support.

[ This Author wonders, whether such support turns out beneficial or cataclysmal. ]



Bentley and his crew brought new stocks last time he visited the isle and are waiting in front of the Castle gates. Chancellor Cali notes that one can be sure that the guards will be more vigilant in watching for vandals this time around.



Four of the townspeople met near the old tavern and spoke together of the darkness invading the building. Cali, Mysti, Silent and Misty all took it upon themselves to take the matter into their own hands.

Misty of the Farm reports: “Once the heavy door was lock-picked, I mean,  shoved forcefully by Silent,  the others followed him in closely, including the small puppy that seems to trail about after many of the residents.

Silent did raise his voice and incant some strange words that had the others wide eyed. He then did some indescribable (as we were told to keep hush) actions that had a gasp or so heard in the rooms.
Mysti also had a part in the events as she lit her incense and said her cleansing words between the chants of her husband.

The darkness was dispelled and the rooms came again to life.
Cali is henceforth ordering items from the trader Bentley to set up a wonderful surprise for the townsfolk.
The issue of cleanliness was spoken of before the group departed. It was decided that the place would be overseen by Mysti and misty until a caretaker could be found.”



The light house is said to have a new inhabitant.
This may be good or bad for the residents of the village who live in next neighborhood.

In the past, the place did not just have the best reputation. It has always been a source for intrigues and underworld activities, a place of the drunks and subversive individuals.

Will the tradition be held up here or are we to expect a clean up round about face lift?



A Whole day everyone who needed and wanted, could go to see Lady Dream and her husband in a tent by the Cock A Hoop Green , for health advise and emergency check. Good to know, the tent is still there. So should anyone fall off the Ferris Wheel or the balancing Log, get a unlucky hit or wrongly aimed arrow at fencing or the ranged competitions, you know where to go.



The tavern holds a surprise of utter contempt for anyone that has not been there recently.
The rocker favored by the old one, Miss Esme was found broken to bits and lying exactly where she had dragged it to her place near the fire to spin her tales for the citizens of Dee.

Misty was seen sobbing broken hearted on finding this mess and the man called Daniel did try his best to comfort her.

By orders of the Law, anyone with information on the vandal who has committed this senseless act is asked to contact Chancellor Cali or Captain of the Legion, Silent Dream.



The sheep which once took refuge inside the tavern were eventually chased out onto the lawn just outside. They remained there for a while, until Chancellor Cali spotted a blue peacock terrorizing the sheep. Unable to chase off the peacock, Cali lead the sheep back to the hill where they had once grazed. The peacock remains outside the tavern, refusing to leave. It should also be noted that the bird is a bit violent. It attacked the trader, Bentley Rider, outside the tavern though witnesses would have to admit that the man was asking for it. Taunting an angry bird is not the brightest idea.



Something or someone has risen from the deep. Large and small creatures have been seen.
With a few confrontations it is clear the merfolk of Dee no longer sleep below the waves.

A local drunk napping on a dock suddenly awoke after hearing a loud splash in the water followed by a massive blue tail. Taking one look at his wine bottle he tossed it into the sea. Before a moment could pass the bottle was tossed out of the water, hitting the drunk square between the eyes.

Strange blue glowing markings have now appeared in the shallow and deep waters of Dee.
Some areas of the land have found them selves marked as well. Exactly what is this strange marking?
A fish, a curse, a blessing or perhaps something more sinister than one can imagine?



The Chancellor’s little sister, Jade, went to the beach in order to search for seashells to sell during the festival. On the beach she met up with the Elven Cora and the King of the Mer (whose name is at this point unknown to this reporter). The Mer king got angered by the little girl’s idea of selling seashells, which Mer use for clothing and building homes. He displayed his full power to Jade, who was unaware that gathering sea shells would be offensive to the Mer.

A little while later, the Chancellor went to ask for forgiveness but was only met with harshness from both the Mer King and the Cora Runa, who was still angry over Cali’s rash actions in the Dark One’s cave.

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