Cryer # 198


The man we knew as ” The Fool” , brother to many and long time resident of the Isle is dead.
There is rumor of his death as well as what happened after that to his body was all but natural. There seems no physical corpse remaining for a funeral, and if we want to believe what was reported, then there is only worms left.



Not having been the same after the headless action of breaking into the dark dungeons and with that sabotaging a peaceful search party , the chancellor abandoned her duties as head of  government over the human denizen. It appears like a fairy tale that it is said she went to live with the merfolk. It is even as amusing as that some are convinced she is in love with a dragon. Pointing at size; Cali is not known for physical size, a dragon, though, is.

Silent, Commander of the Legion, Priest and husband to Mysti, medical head of the Hospital of St.Vitus ran about making accusations of witchery and speaking generally strange after some incident with what is said to be Blood Magic.

Mysti, said medical head,  third in chancery and currently in state of pregnancy therefor being the one left to deal with all matters of local, international,  social and political matters.



Daily arrive more reports on “Beasts” that ” Feast ” on residents and life stock. Blood trails lead from and to many places.
The worst scenario of Blood Feasting can be witnessed at the Farm. Miss Misty is out of herself but proud to have been able to stab one attacker.
“A creature was here to kill the fast. I stabbed it and it had a black tongue” she rushed her words together.

There are reports about a Fawn, others want to have seen a Fish with legs and arms, claws and teeth like a shark and others want to blame the Tavern Maid whose name is not known to us at this point. The Moon is full and the Werewolves are out as well.

The strong stench of rotting flesh and blood is all over. The tavern dog to be one known victim, only his fur was left.
One wonders who will be left to clean up with the mess when we all are eaten alive or starve from hunger.

Who is that hunts us and our food? Who will defend us and our children? And then… again, against what or who?



Only recently a  young good looking woman arrived at Dee. We know only as much as that she is very charming and  obliging  and since her arrival working as helping hand at the Cock A Hoop. Confusing enough, two persons, Silent and his wife, loudly accuse her for witchery.
We must assume that Silent Dream , known as gentle and open for a good flirt,  fell for her charms , which again woke the wrath of his wife, Mysti Dream. Both themselves are not free from the suspicion of witchery, and a saying comes to mind that goes ” Who there is without fault may throw the first stone”



The fisher of Dee report a shortage of Fish, or better, the almost complete lack of catchable fish. Only large fish big enough to eat a grown man remained in Dee waters, so they say. They are convinced that something angered the legendary King of the Sea, pointing at old legends that say that virgins must be sacrificed to the King of the Sea so the waters will calm and fish is returning to their nets.



Many denizens now want to have seen a large blue creature .
Anyone having better details, please report so we can keep our inclined readers informed.



As reported in last issue, something or someone has risen from the deep. Strange blue glowing markings have appeared everywhere close to the waters of Dee.  Any theory about the origin and purpose of those strange markings is welcomed.



We remember, Drindel, briefly before she went missing, got threatened by an Orc as their meal. Now again an Orc got seen, entering the forest, and short time after running like the devil was after him out of the forest.


A letter arrived here that we print with expressing that the opinion here must not display the opinion of this editor.

“Are you all so blind or all too selfish for the obvious ?
All the horrible things happening are part of the greater plan of the Forest Queen to gain complete control over the Isle!
It has been her to poison the Waters, her to curse our beloved Queen. She is responsible for the death of the unicorn we all loved that she shunned and casted away, responsible for messing with our children, trying to kidnap and keep  them in the forest and give them all sort of dangerous ideas. It is to blame on her that the Bard Dart is now a drooling insane worms eating barbarian. She walks in and out the Darklyngs homes as if it was hers and her army of minions, all together creatures from hell, grows daily. She is the true Evil, she is the one that seduced and killed the King and she will not stop before the whole Isle is hers.
WAKE UP DEE; before it is too late!”

And of course, the letter is signed with three crosses but no name.

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