Cryer # 199

**** STOP PRESS ! ****


When dawn broke over the isle this morning, early risers would have seen smoke rising from a pile of charred timbers where once a set of stocks stood. Luckily we are obliged to our resident artist who managed to quickly sketch the scene from its grizzly beginning to its smouldering.

So what happened? The first any of the law abiding citizens were aware of anything untoward was when the healer Mysti appeared puffing and blowing (she is getting rather large – Ed) at the Bardic Circle . Breathlessly she informed those present that there was a body in one of the set of stocks in the town square. This information was almost immediately forgotten when Misty Harcassle was viciously attacked by the girl Lamia (more about this later). Misty was taken to the Hospital by Mysti and Coke preceded by Veldrin who, when the others caught up was standing with an unknown young Drowess, staring at the body of a man hanging in the stocks. In was apparent that the man had been brutally tortured before his death, there were marks all over his badly beaten body.

Observed and frequently heckled by the young Drowess, who was it seems wanting the body for a plaything; and a dark skinned Mer, Coke and Veldrin set fire to the body, stocks included and thankfully they also managed to incinerate a large black worm that had emerged from the body.
We all wait with bated breath to see if this foul murder is an isolated incident or if there will be a spate of them.

Strangely, there seems to have been an additional consequence to this, when the young Drowess, in her frustration at being denied the body, aimed a curse at the Humans that had refused her wishes. She is a very young Drow and obviously is not much practiced at aiming curses and the dark skinned Mer female found herself changed into a horse thus: and not a Seahorse either!



As has already been alluded to, there was an extremely unpleasant scene in the Cock a Hoop tavern whilst the Bardic circle was in full swing outside on the grass. Lamia, the young woman suspected of being a Witch, without warning, threw a bowl of scalding hot soup in her face. As the screams rang out the wench ran out of the tavern followed by Veldrin and the Faun Roseana. However, when they burst out of the doors and on to the dock,; there was not a soul to be seen. Roseana told Veldrin that she had also noticed that the plague of insects occasionally seen around the Tavern only occurred when Lamia was present. Veldrin immediately announced that he would be hunting Lamia to bring her to trial and requested Mysti to pass the word to Silent and Daniel of the Guard.

All Citizens are therefore advised that this woman is to be captured as soon as possible, all information o be passed to either Veldrin at the Cock – a – Hoop Tavern and/or to the Guards Silent and Daniel.

LATEST NEWS: We have received word that the woman Lamia has been captured.



Veldrin recently returned from the mainland (or so he says); and a changed man he seems too. He has been seen about town dressed in fine clothes, hair combed and no longer smelling of blood. He has let it be known that he intends to purchase the Cock – a – Hoop tavern and has set about finding the owner. However as we know the Hunter is not a man to passively wait events to occur, he has declared that he is now running the tavern and is ‘de facto’ the owner and to hell with the consequences. He also says that the old owner can have Veldrins small ship, currently tied up outside on the docks in payment.



As has been reported elsewhere, Veldrin is now running the tavern and has been advertising for staff. He let it be known that he would be carrying out in depth interviews with current staff, apparently in order to ensure they are suitable for the position he wishes to have them in. The present Bar Wench Susan Hunniton, has been especially attentive since he has taken over the tavern, and it seems she may have secured for herself prime position. We have been reliably informed by one of our spie…. erm reporters that, following a bloody butchering of a large stag, the pair rapidly repaired upstairs, where, if the sounds are anything to go by, they enjoyed a very wet interview. At least Veldrin appeared downstairs smelling as sweet as anyone can remember drying his hair, closely followed by Susan drying hers. Whilst no announcement as to her possible position has been made; Veldrin was overheard at the recent Bardic saying that he was thinking of making her Tavern Mistress (we are unsure if this was meant to be ironic).



There seems to be disharmony amongst the Wylds. A ‘witness’ sent a report of an angry argument in the forest between two of three known Cora of the Wyldlyngs. Whilst we sadly have not been able to make the man drunk enough to reveal what the argument was about, it at least seems to confirm what is whispered behind the windows. That one of them is said to be, like Cali, bewitched by the Mer King.
Latest News: It has been confirmed that the triumvirate Council of the Wylds has been broken assunder (one can only speculate that the argument above was part of it). The word is that the Pixie Canned was removed by the Elf Runa; who then resigned, leaving the Garou Mortar as the sole remaining Cora. What this will do to the uneasy peace that we have in the isle since the arrival of the Mer Folk will leave the Humans at least holding their collective breath.
We now hear that the disconsolate pixie has decided she will go on a Sabbatical for a while to meditate on her future.

Latest News: We have been made aware of a meeting between Cora Mortar and the Mer King. However unfortunately we have no information about the outcome.


LEADER OF THE PACK (Anger Management)

We are aware from past experience that there is confusion about Werewolves (Lycan) and Garou. We have been told in the past that Garou is a race of Wolves that has the ability to shape shift to Human; and Lycans are humans who are infected by a disease and cannot control their change to the wolf shape. This is all very well, but what happens when Lycans and Garou meet? Well it happened recently and we understand that it wasn’t all sweetness and light between one would imagine as siblings of a sort.

We all know that Mortar Cora of the Wylds is a Garou and so once a month she changes into a fierce snarling beast that it is best to avoid (yes I realize that sounds like most Human females every month but this is different they get hairy too – Ed). Now although it was not the period of the full moon, Mortar came across a lycan attempting to attack a young female Yukari Hoshizora, Cali was also there trying to make sure the girl was safe. Anyway the end result is that it appears that the Lycan, realizing that she was the leader of the pack, decided that he needed to go elsewhere…. the problem is; Who was it? (the Lycan that is).

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