Cryer # 200

(full story further down)



For a few days now there has been a distinct rumbling noise coming from the direction of the Abbey of St Vitus. when one of our reporters strolled over to take a look, he came hurtling back into the office, face as white as the proverbial sheet. He maintains the whole hill is falling down.

We of course took this with a pinch of salt, until we spotted Veldrin even more disheveled and scruffy than his norm, covered all over with dust. Taking care not to touch him for fear of contamination, we sat enthralled as he narrated the story of the recapture of the witch Lamia; which dear readers I shall recount elsewhere.

However, the main point is that there are dire goings on inside that hill, to the degree that anyone walking below is in grave danger of being on the receiving end of a very large block of masonry and having their head remodeled.



The prisoner head bowed down as she strained at the restraints of the stocks, was tried in public accused of the crime of witchcraft. Witnesses made statements, Lamia the Witch spat like a cornered wildcat and those males present seemed to be struck dumb by the baying of the women present venting their ire upon the Witch, hurling rotten vegetables and fish at her, demanding the ultimate punishment.

In the end the Captain of the Guard looking stunned and shocked by the mood of the crowd; finally had to announce the guilt of the prisoner and in accordance with the law of the land; sentenced her to death by burning.



the Witch Lamia, having only been returned to the jail in the castle dungeons to await her fate, disappeared! There is no evidence of the lock being broken or tampered with, leaving all to believe that they have been right all along that she is definitely a Witch, who can vanish at will. A search is being organized by the gallant Daniel Graves, Captain of the Guard, but who knows who are brave enough to accompany him.



Veldrin the Hunter (and lately tavern owner), told us that having been disturbed by the terrified bellowing, neighing, squealing etc of frightened farm animals penned inside the farm buildings, he started to climb up to investigate, when he realised that the root cause of their panic, was associated with the deep rumbling sounds coming from deep within the hill.

Climbing further he found that large blocks of rubble had been shaken loose and littered the ground. Upon entering the Abbey gardens, what should meet his eye, but a very guilty looking couple, Daniel Graves, the dashing young Commander of the Dee Guard and Misty, the terribly scarred farmer. Not wishing to embarrass them by his presence he mentioned that he thought that there had been an earthquake. This seemed to galvanize the heroic young Captain into action; springing away from Misty, and muttering some ludicrous theory that it was the fault of the witch, he insisted that they accompanied him into the Dark Caves, via the crypt to search for her.

There then followed a lot of stumbling blindly around, cursing and bumping into each other in the semi darkness, including at one point Veldrin finding a diminutive hooded figure who refused to divulge her name (yes it was a she), but who he managed to wound as she ducked past him and escaped.

Eventually, Daniel our glorious leader, having worked his way down into one of the maze of tunnels called upon the others for assistance, and after a futile attempt to escape once more, like a rat the Witch Lamia was cornered. Veldrin, by this time furious was about to slash her throat, when to his disgust. Daniel stood firm and insisted she be returned to jail.



It was a scene out of hell; townsfolk gathered in the square could see a huge pile of wood around a post in the shape of a T. There seemed to be enough wood on the pile to burn and light the night sky of Dee for hours.

Eventually the Captain of the Guard Daniel dragged the wretched Witch Lamia from the castle jail and forced her, with difficulty to climb the ladder to the top of the wood pile and lashed her to the post. Scanning the crowd he read out her conviction and sentence, but then seemed to hesitate.

The crowd were becoming agitated, the Elf Runa objecting to the execution as being barbaric ran from the scene. A man, with the look of a woodsman, axe across his shoulder was trying to encourage Daniel; Lamia uttering foul curses on each and everyone present.

Eventually, almost as if a man sleep walking, pain etched across his own face, Daniel took a flaming torch and applied it to the wood. As the flames started to roar upwards, the Witch cried out for Mercy and there was the twang of a bowstring followed a second later by the sound of a second bow. The first arrow buried itself deep inside the heart of the Witch, so powerful a shot was it, it buried itself into the post behind her. Before anyone could comprehend what had happened a second arrow opened up her throat. There was, for a second a stunned silence from the crowd, the only sound being the roar of the flames engulfing the now dead body hanging limply from the post.

A rapid movement on the top of the Blacksmith’s building followed by a soft thump as one assassin, now see as being the Hunter Veldrin jumped to the ground and moved quickly out of the City gate. Those in the crowd turned in time to see on the rooftop opposite, a hooded figure carrying a bow jumping on to the back of a huge dragon which took to the air both of them disappearing towards the forest.

The flames roared as the body blackened and burned disappeared to ashes where they belonged.

The next morning early as dawn started breaking a small hooded figure hurried into the square and with a long staff started to sort through the ashes until two arrowheads were uncovered, wrapped in cloth and tucked under the cloak, the figure left the square.



We have been here before, a surfeit of Daniels confusing everyone and this time they are both members of the legion!

One wonders if the rules have been changed when recruiting these days?

“What is your name son?…… Tom Sir….. Forget it lad……. and your name my boy?….. Daniel sir.. Right Lad you are in!”

One also wonders if it it a ploy so they can change the name from the faintly ridiculous “Legion” –

Noun = ‘A unit of 3,000–6,000 men in the ancient Roman army’

Adjective = ‘Great in number’

Perhaps they will become “Dee City Daniels” ?



The Hunter Veldrin has been busy changing the tavern around to suit his own ideas what is needed, worth a look folks, he has been trying for a more compact and friendly main bar, with a smaller dance pit area behind. He has added staff bedrooms whilst retaining the Guest rooms and expanded into the roof to provide a dormitory for weary travelers.

The other side of the coin of course is in the nature of the beast that is Veldrin. It seems that he cannot help himself where pretty girls are concerned. We see that currently he is advertising for bar wenches… we hope that the lasses who take up the post can look after themselves!



Misty and Cali had heard some noises coming from near the church. When they went to investigate, they saw Daniel trying to pull a small elven child (Temperance) from the rubble. With huge blocks still falling, Cali made her way to the girl to bandage her bleeding legs. Whilst doing this Cali was hit by a falling boulder which dislocated her shoulder.
After Cali had tied the girls legs so they would stop bleeding, they worked to lift the rubble away from the girl, who was then rushed to the hospital. She was put to bed and cared for by the healer Mysti and her old teacher, Matty, who appeared on the isle the day of the witch’s burning.

The girl now rests in the hospital, and constantly asks to see the Elf Runa.


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