Cryer # 201

**** STOP PRESS ! ****
A deathly silence hung over the island as suddenly, the tremors stopped and the rumbling noise that had plagued the isle for so long ceased. The silence, almost deafening in its suddenness, was finally broken by the song of a bird, first one, then as others joined in the Isle reverted back to its normal state. No doubt, as soon as the citizens feel secure enough in the knowledge that there will be no aftershocks and the tremors are finally over for ever; then someone will go to the top of the hill to see what remains and what damage has been caused.


There have been a number sightings of Goblins over the past few days which has culminated in at least two attacks where it became apparent that the target was the newly born Mer children. In the first attack the Commander of the Guard stepped in to block the Goblin whilst Cali shepherded the children to safety. Unfortunately he suffered a cut across his chest and ended up in the water, which undoubtedly saved his life. But at least he had bought time and Cali and the children escaped. By the time he had dragged himself from the water the thwarted Goblin had gone.

The second attack happened in similar circumstances, however this time it was the Elf Runa who stepped in to protect the children once again giving time for Cali and the child she had in her arms to escape into the water. The furious Goblin then attacked the Elf and the battle raged across the area towards the City square, sheep fleeing in all directions. Having spotted Daniel the Guard Commander she called for assistance and between them they drove the green meany off.

(who needs to change his chest bandage)

However, our clever Guard Commander found another way to rid the area of the smelly foe; when the obnoxious creature appeared whilst he was engaged in an argument with the Elf Runa (more about this later). The Elf scented the smelly one as he crept up on the group including not only Daniel, but also the Healer Aewenil and Farmer Misty. Luckily the two ladies managed to shut themselves into the Hospital as the Elf left the area. The Goblin then tried to enter the Hospital saying he wanted a drink, when the enterprising sprang into action and produced a bottle of whiskey, which proved temptation enough for the Goblin who grabbed it and ran.

Following the abduction of the Healer Aewenil and an attempt to set fire to the castle; and yes even an attack upon himself that ended up with him in Hospital. Daniel the Guard Commander seems to have gone sweet on all Drow. Now we do not know why this could be, but speculation is rife some folks whispering either he is afraid of them or is allowing them to lul him into a false sense of security. It is well known that Drow cannot be trusted, they are a naturally devious and untrustworthy race. The Elf Runa openly accused him of not carrying out his job correctly in that he was ignoring the female Drow and letting her roam around the City freely, even though he had already reported that she had tried to attack the young girl Jade!

The usual bonhomie associated with pleasant evenings in the Cock-a-Hoop Tavern have taken a decidedly unusual turn of late. With a particularly argumentative night recently ending in suggestions that Veldrin should wear a dress! Now we cannot possibly comment on the erm, shall we say orientation of the Tavern host; but we are sure that any sort of pretty dress would look most peculiar unless he shaves his beard.

(Our Resident Artist asked Veldrin if he would wear a dress so that he could make a picture = but the request was refused so he has painted this from his imagination)

The Healer Aewenil who was abducted by the Drow (see last issue); was rescued by one of our breve City Guards, Daniel Moonsilver; and brought back safely to the City. Daniel, having followed the Drow saw that he had secreted her in a small cave near to the twin waterfalls. Spotting the opportunity when the Drow left; and with no thought for his own safety, he rushed in and carried her to safety. Well done Daniel Moonsilver. This is what we like to see from our protectors, action!


Dee’s favorite Baker arrived in the Tavern the other night; only to walk into a barrage of ribald comments from Tavern owner Veldrin (no not wearing a frock). Even the two members of the City Guard Coke and Eiron were somewhat taken aback and attempted to ameliorate the possible embarrassment by their natural gallantry. We look forward to her crusty loaves and sticky buns.


A very strange conversation was overheard the other day, in which a certain, person not noted for his tidiness or gentility towards others, having had it suggested to him that he could become King of Dee; refused to even consider the idea on the grounds that he was of noble birth! Yes you heard it right, he could not contemplate a crown because he already had a coronet! It seems that he and his father, a Baron had taken part in some sort of revolt against the King of England, and had lost chosen the loosing side, resulting in the head of the family becoming headless. Our blue blooded one then hid out on our isle becoming until recently almost a hermit, living in a hut on the edge of the forest, believing that the agents of the Crown are still hunting him……… hmmm makes one wonder if there is a price on his head that would be worth collecting?


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