RP in SL more than a game?

I remember , way back, when I started to log into Second Life , it was merely a game for me. The first days have been a blast and a pain. Wearing boxes , wondering about talking chairs telling me to /2 hide or /2 show ….
Why the hell, so I wondered, would I want to hide a chair?
Or was it supposed to hide ME?

And what was anyway expected from me to do…or… not do.
I got banned, I got ejected… I ran around like a headless chicken, into walls, preferable.
So many questions…. and the top burning questions :
Where to get Linden Dollar, where to live?

Soon I realized that, for me, it is so much more than a game.
When a friend took me to a place that I instantly fell in love with, my new burning topic was: I want to live here !

Unaware of that very place being an actual Roleplay Sim.

Someone said ” Hey, thats not even what a cup of coffee costs !”
And so I dropped the idea of getting a SL job and instead transferred RL money. Only a wee bit, really!

I rented a small tent, in middle of the forest, with just 10 prim!
Enough for me, a rug, a chest for my “things”, what else does a nomad Elf need?

From there started my third life in Second Life.
Everything was so overwhelming, every moment something new to learn about.
It was a natural progress to leave my ” Second Life personality ” behind and grow more and more into my ” Third Life personality”, the – very young very naive – Elf, and into the story of the Sim.

Thanks to the passionate enthusiasm of the players and sim management ( owners, admins, moderators, mentors), their patience and love for the concept of creating a fictional reality within the virtual reality, Second Life Roleplay became what it is for me.
Only thanks to them, My Character and me learned and grew.

Today, I realize, that not everyone shares the very same experience on the same level and same intensity.

I realize as well, that, in the day to day “business ” everyone has in SL and lets not forget about RL, each of us is an individual with individual focus , skill, and attention range.

But I realize before all, that it was the friendliness and care of people, that made me log on every other day since.

Here is my thank to all those that helped and still help me and others on our SL way.

My thank to Ciaran, the one and only true owner of Dee for his trust he put in us during all the past years.

My thank to every single player, mod, admin, for your time, your support, your input, the smaller or bigger roles you play, the RP you provide and share, your donations, and all you do and give to make the Isle of Dee possible.

I realize, that, only thanks to all of you , roleplay in SL still has the fascination it had from the very first day for me.



About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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