The passing of a great role play sim, The Isle Dee

Greetings to all Citizens and Friends of Dee

The day has finally come and we are heartbroken to have to announce that
Dee closes in October 2013.

It has been a fantastic journey, Dee is, indeed, unique and has been alive longer than most RP realms in SL.

We want to thank you all who made the journey a rich experience
And extra special thanks to Ciaran, who made all this possible!

Let us look back proudly to almost half a decade of a lovely community and a wonderful third life on the Isle of Dee

In 2009  we in Dee were just setting out on the journey. It was to bring to life a vision that some of us had, to create a medieval roleplay land from a rather basic residential/commercial sim.

01 Dee, January 2010

It really was that flat and empty looking.  Dee had stood for a long time in a simple form. Renters came and went.  The Medieval Walled City that occupied half of it was, perhaps, a sign of the owner’s desire to see it become something a little different.   A lone elf began a mission to change things little bit by little bit, others came who shared the vision, and gradually, piece by piece as plots became vacant, they began to transform the land, and to create its story.

And this is where we were, a year on.

02 Dee, January 2011

We focused from there on the development of the roleplay, improving some areas and installing one or two new ones as we went to enhance the roleplay experience for everyone.

Several group factions came into the game, the fog increased, a castle appeared, the forest grew and flourished, and so much more; and we learned as we grew.

We built the  Lobby, a huge OOC entertainment and information area.

And this was the Isle in 2012:

03 Dee, January 2012

04 Dee Lobby, January 2012

From here we enhanced the roleplay experience even more.

The  RP Classes got replaced by the Isle of Dee Roleplay Academy, another Castle appeared , the  book of Dee history filled with more  chapters, there have been  quests and fantastic adventures, epic and less epic, smaller and bigger stories played out in our  roleplay lives.

The  REVOLT Meter got reinstalled,  accepted races got  adjusted towards more realism in our play, we had storms and earthquakes, catastrophes and hunger crisis , burning disasters , a whole race almost died out !

And here we are now. Is it possible that it grew even more?

05 Isle Of Dee January 2013

From there we welcomed children as rp characters and  Garou as accepted race back to the isle of Dee.
There have been always new projects, plots and areas in work, some never got finished.

Dee has seen a necessarily long and gradual transformation. And we’ve picked up some wonderful people – great roleplayers and good friends – along the way. We’ve enjoyed games and readings together, storytelling, concerts, dances and art exhibitions, and of course: roleplay !.

Now, we’d like to wish you good luck with finding a new home for a full and exciting third life in roleplay and friendship, like you had on the Isle of Dee.

Best Wishes to you all!

Ciaran, Runa and the Admins of and for Dee.

PS: Please do not send in support/donation/rescue  offers. They come too late.


About cannedhaifisch

RP In the Island of Dee Mischief, joking but a bit EMO, feeling lonely and out of place at times. I'm in general nice. Healing and book knowledge are things I'm good in but they are not her main triad. I was wandering and looking for a place to settle one's again after my tavern went down with the accursed lands I called home. Now I found my friends again, and a new place to call home. Be warned, even friends are also subject of my pranks. Only healing and advising the cora as adviser I will not joke around at all. Be advised, though I may look like a fea, I am Dark Pixie. And the dark side sometimes is harder then some would think. I roamed the lands for 10 years, cursed to be a hedgehog. Only snow in summer would brake the curse. This was a punishment of a witch that I angered a little to much with snowing her in summer with my snow power. Cause it took so long to cure the curse, some stuck to me giving me the ability shape shift to "hogy" form. But in this form I'm near powerless and it drains me to shift so I rarely do this.
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