Very important link

Its my “The End of Dee & New Beginnings 19 – 20 October 2013”
The higher resolution ones and all will come later on a other site. Tell me which ones you would like in big resolution and I might get them ready as painting, postcard magnet or even mug
There are 246 pictures in total !


About cannedhaifisch

RP In the Island of Dee Mischief, joking but a bit EMO, feeling lonely and out of place at times. I'm in general nice. Healing and book knowledge are things I'm good in but they are not her main triad. I was wandering and looking for a place to settle one's again after my tavern went down with the accursed lands I called home. Now I found my friends again, and a new place to call home. Be warned, even friends are also subject of my pranks. Only healing and advising the cora as adviser I will not joke around at all. Be advised, though I may look like a fea, I am Dark Pixie. And the dark side sometimes is harder then some would think. I roamed the lands for 10 years, cursed to be a hedgehog. Only snow in summer would brake the curse. This was a punishment of a witch that I angered a little to much with snowing her in summer with my snow power. Cause it took so long to cure the curse, some stuck to me giving me the ability shape shift to "hogy" form. But in this form I'm near powerless and it drains me to shift so I rarely do this.
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One Response to Very important link

  1. Ellen Ross says:

    Spectacular pictures! Dee went out in style.


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