-The Waters of Dee Stir

-The waters of Dee stir as if the ocean had been a sleep for a long time. Tides begin to grow in size, rocking the ships of the port and swallowing the shores foot by foot. A great shadow soon fills the waters with a darkness, causing the fish and creatures of the deep to swim in panic. The sailors continue to work, but those that see the waters darken, and those who have sailed the waters for many moons that know of the tales of the vass Kingdom, know of such darkness, would soon begin to yell and ring the warning bells on their ships. An old cap’n soon heads for the bow of his ship as he takes out his pocket scope to look. For but only a moment the cap’n turns pale and turns towards the others as his fears mark true. “LEVIATHAN!” he screams as he suddenly takes hold of his ship when it begins to rock hard as the other ships ported at the docks. The waves grow in side, raging as if praising the great beast of its return. As the sailors quickly return to land and others get ready for an attack, the great shadow soon fades as the tides begin to calm. Taking heed to this, the cap’n only continues to frown, passing word to the others that they are now not alone.

Mitsukai Kohime’s RP entry 🙂


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