Happy 2014 – review and preview.

Greetings to you, Citizens and Friends of Dee.

Yet again a year lies behind us, and it’s time for a review and preview.

Just four years ago we in “DEE” were just setting out on a journey.
It was to bring to life a vision that some of us had, to create a medieval roleplay land
from a rather basic residential/commercial sim that was named DEE.

01 Dee, January 2010

A lone elf began a mission to change things little bit by little bit, others came who shared the vision, and gradually, piece by piece as plots became vacant, the land transformed, and its story created and we learned as we grew.

The Isle of Dee Roleplay Academy got written, RP areas appeared and vanished, the book of the Isle of Dee history filled with more chapters.
There have been quests and fantastic adventures, epic and less epic, smaller and bigger stories played out in our roleplay lives.

Dee has seen a necessarily long and gradual transformation. And we’ve picked up some wonderful people – great roleplayers and good friends – along the way.
We’ve enjoyed games and readings together, storytelling, concerts, dances and art exhibitions, and of course: roleplay !

05 Isle Of Dee January 2013Funny how it didn’t seem to fit in a 512×512 texture any more.
And we had so much more in planning….. but then, the saddest day, in October, the sim got called dead by Linden Lab.

We met to pick up our belongings, with 24 hours time to do so.
Never has DEE seen so many people in 24 hours than in those sad hours.

And there the wonder happened :

We partied. Everyone did what they can do best.
The photographers begun to make pictures, the blogger begun to blog, one of the DJs streamed music, the Roleplayer begun to:
Roleplay! In the sinking Sim. Seamless the story continued on a homestead and short time later we moved on to a full sim again.

And here we are today.

Isle of Dee January 2014

At the new sim that we designed, based on the wishes of long term true players and residents of Dee.

What will come?

We still polish the faction bases, the human village(s) , the dark and the surface Fae and the Mer will flourish.
And trees will grow. Oh yes, many and high trees. Kool doors will return and we have just too many plans in our sleeves than to list them all.

We love the story of the Isle of Dee.  We know you do too.
And that’s why we want to say thank you for making it what it is today and help us to continue.
It has been amazing to see the story lines follow through in regards to the two moves.
All you players “immersing” yourselves into your roles and the sim.

As an admin team, we try to create some base stories to work from.
The rest is up to the players to form their own stories and get others interested in contributing to it.
You have all done amazing jobs and for that we say “THANK YOU”.

For now, we’d like to wish you all a very happy new year, peace and prosperity in first life in 2014,
and a full and exciting third life in roleplay and friendship on the Isle of Dee.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year to you all!

Runa, the Elf, for the Isle of Dee.



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In our store we sell items , made and donated by famous SL creators and players of the Isle.

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