Isle of Dee Anniversary .

  Isle of Dee Anniversary!

Isle of Dee Anniversary!

Think you know Dee?  Think again!

This week The Isle of Dee celebrates its Anniversary once more with 4 days of fun filled games, contests, parties and prizes!
Dee has seen new changes recently and we invite you all to join us in celebrating Dee’s Anniversary and come see what Dee has to offer the roleplay community!

Event Week: Wednesday January 29-Saturday February 1st!

Join us for a fun filled week of games, pit fights, drinking games, obstacles, quests, and more!
(and free mead!)

Test your skills in battleships, combat, races, questing and much more! Pit your skills against others,  or come watch and roleplay with us..  explore Dee as you have never seen it before!

{Wed January 29}

10am SLT  Start

Games on the Isle All Day and All through the Week.

Take this opportunity to explore what Dee has to offer, play some games, and roleplay!

Tug a war on the Beach
Marbles on the Beach
Ball and Cup on the Docks of the Fishing village
Dice in the Tavern
Sack Races in the Town Square
Arm Wrestling in the Tavern
Pig Roast: On the Beach
Cock  ( rooster 😀 ) Fight at the farm

1:30 PM SLT
Pit Fights Day 1!
Location: Beach
The first Pit Fight begins!  Who will prove to be champion and claim the prize?  Is it you?

{Thursday January 30 }

12 pm SLT  Isle of Dee  ” The Grumpy Green Goblins ” Quest begins.  Up for adventure and test of skills?  Head over to Dee to find the Grumpy Goblin twins to begin this fun filled Quest!

1  pm SLT     Tug a war Match

2  pm SLT     Sea Battle Match – More like Battleship!  Grab a ship in our open waters and blast your way to winning!

3  pm  SLT   RP Event Unseelie – Dalharen d’Oloth. Our Matron of Darkness is hosting a Masquerade Ball! Put on a mask, dress up and join us as dance away in the Underdark! (IC event,  join us!)

{Friday January 31:}
(new moon/dark of the moon)

1 pm SLT    Sangen ten’Am Lina   –  RP Event Seelie – Hini Tel’kemen’Fae – Enchanting stories and reenactments with the Seelies of Dee!  Settle with us in the forests as we weave the imagination with enchanting stories

3:30 PM SLT  “Whose the Champion” Final Pit Fight  – Once more the fighters take to the pit to see who will be the reigning champ and claim the prize!

Followed by : Party the Champion at the Tavern  –

Afterwards: Go to tavern , get drunk, have a blast, find company for the night…

{Saturday February 1st:}

Quest ends this day.

1-3pm SLT: OOC party with Live DJ-in dance Dell
(DJ  Ara: 1-2, DJ Dia 2-3)

Afterwards : The traditional Isle of Dee Marathon  – Run a marathon race against others through the streets, tunnels, forests and cliffs of Dee.  Winner takes the Grand prize!




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