The Grumpy Green Goblin Quest Hunt

A man is very chatty in the Hobbit Hole Tavern; claiming there is something magical about the mines below St.Vitus. His drunken balderdash does not make much sense, you hear though that he repeats there is a reward, but its dangerous ..

Grumpy Green Goblin Quest Hunt

The Isle of Dee full of mystery and history.
Explore the unknown, complete a task, learn a race, meet a friend or meet an enemy;
for there is much to the Isle of Dee.
Task one: Find the Hobbit Hole Tavern and see what comes of it.
Hint: he is drunk and has as a scroll

How to hunt, what to gain:
Along the way you find different items and hints.
Read all hints with caution.
Some items you find are yours and go to your inventory.
Once you have completed all tasks, you will find the final prize at the end of the game.

This is a roleplay quest.
This means :
You do need proper medieval attire
You know the basics of Roleplay etiquette.
You follow the sim rules.

Enjoy your time at the Isle of Dee , we look forward meeting you!


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Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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