Cryer # 207


Happy Anniversary – Long Live The People of Isle Of Dee

A Week of Celebration is ahead in celebration of our adventures through the flood,
ourlanding at our new home and the Troll Magic.

We have been allowed to have a sneaky peek at the planners table.
And we can tell, there are lots to come !

Once we have an official version we will publish an Extra Cryer Edition.


Traditional Isle of Dee Marathon Race

We can already tell that the traditional Isle of Dee Marathon will take place during the week of Celebration Events.

The Route is already to collect from behind the courthouse.

It is advised to practice early and often..


An invitation of the Unseelie

“To whom this scroll reaches,

Your presence has been requested to attend a formal, masquerade ball to be held at the Unseelie caves on Thursday 30th January.
After the reception there will be a feast/ banquet of fine food and drink for all the varied tastes.

The time of dining will be followed by music and dance.


All Washed Up?

On a very cold afternoon, Veldrin the Governor of the St. Vitus Village,
who had mysteriously vanished during the Yuletide celebrations, was washed up on the beach almost nude and unconscious.

He was dragged ashore by a couple of seemingly drunken elves (we understand Zekeil and Mela) and a human child, most probably his own adopted daughter.
Then in an amazing feat of strength, the Dwarf Ado, hoisted the recumbent Governor onto his shoulder and carried him all that way,
up the steps from the beach, into the village, before depositing him onto a hospital bed.

The Elf Mela, having weaved her uncertain way after them, suddenly sobered up.
She had to perform a tricky pirouette to avoid the projectile vomit,
no doubt brought upon by a combination of sea water and the effect of bouncing up and down on a Dwarfs shoulder.

So far we have been unable to obtain an interview, and his past whereabouts still unknown.
It has been rumored that he is delirious and appears to be confused as to his whereabouts, although the Lady Laura refuses to confirm these allegations.


Wild Magic  , or  “Uh-oh”

We all remember the rumble that made the ground tremble few weeks ago.
Well following the tremors, things begun to happen, Chairs galloped , Buckets trotted, Books flew and Stairs, Bridges etc. bucked like horses.

A bunch of fairy folk got trapped in a fishnet (no not stockings), that sought to drag them off into the sea.

Everyone and thing was in total chaos, nobody and nothing were safe from the wild magic that was released uncontrollably.

It was the young Dark Elf Dhuanolil to whom the finger points for dipping his dark hands in magic.
We really do not think he should become the Sorcerers Apprentice.

But how can a young unseelie alone turn a whole isle into pure chaos.
Is it not more likely that the Scribe, one of the dark Fae himself [or is he in a  grey area?];
could it be that the matron of the Drow have a hand in e shenanigans? Perhaps even an arm, and the boy took the blame.

When interviewed, the scribe and caring father Arakaki stated:

” Dhuan Caused some problems for everyone that is true, but he owned up to it, instead of running away, and tried to fix the problem he caused.
As his father and magic mentor, Dhuan does have the ability to tap into the aura; though he needs to learn how to control it, and mistakes, well, happen.”

The Matron gave the most diplomatic statement; or shall we say , excuse:

“What is done, is done; and dwelling on it will not change anything.
Everyone makes mistakes, and some even learn from it, only time will tell if the boy has learned this one.”

It was undoubtedly Miss Laura who was the instrument to save the isle.
She aware of her duty as wife of the Governor of St. Vitus Village, who of course was missing at the time,
persuaded Elders and leaders of all races and creeds to meet for the salvation of Dee.

The meeting took place in the holy circle in the far corner of the Isle, and a witness told our reporter:
” Books got shot and words recited, and the spell undone.”

And another loyal citizen shared:
” It was a big meeting with each and every kind of creature that live in this Isle of Dee, including us humans.
We were all invited came to help, with the notable exception of the people of the seas. ”
[Knowing  about them and their tense relations with all of the others races we wonder;
could it be just a coincidence, were they asked, or did they ignore the invitation?]

Dhuanolil himself we have been able to interview as well. Read his version:
” Well, I sort of made a mistake. I’d been studying magic on my own because I want to be a really good mage,
and I found in this book how to do things like enchantments, hexes, and conjurations.

I thought it’d be funny to, you know, do a little enchantment on stuff to put in the tavern to prank people…
but something happened, something sort of bad. I lost control and all this magic gushed out through me,
and instead of those items, /everything/ became alive!

So people kept getting attacked by shoes and bowls and chairs and stuff, and their clothes kept trying to run away.
And, a fishing net came after us and each time it got cut, it’d re-tie itself. It was scary, but amazing at the same time.
Finally, everyone got together and we found the spell book (which had flown away), and I undid the spell with everyone’s help…
but my spellbook got destroyed, because an elf man stabbed it with his polearm, so I don’t have it any more.
Plus people told me to not play around with magic anymore. So I guess you can say I learned my lesson.”
(Not play with Magic? well we wonder how long that will last?)

The next article may or may not be related:

“Elven song makes trees run?”

Are the Elves to blame over the fact that their Trees fled the Forest?
Not only that they began to walk [Yes we speak of trees, lifeless things in the forest, plants, firmly rooted in the earth not even a leg in sight!],
one of them (a tree not a leg) entered the Saint Vitus Village where it abducted the young miss Dia.
Later on, the slightly bewildered girl was brought back by an elf, known as the Healer Mela.(luckily sober this time)

Interview with the Tree Riding Kid

“I thought the tree was trying to eat my mom. First it was outside the window staring at us.
It was outside but its roots and branches and sticks and stuff were moving through our house.
It got Laura on the leg and I tried to help and climbed out the window to get a small axe.
I climbed back up and tried to cut at the branches holding Laura’s leg. I never seen a tree that walks!
I didn’t know what was going on, but I tried to help but I made it mad and then it got me instead and took me to the forest!
It held tight but didn’t hurt me or nothing. After a long time stuck in his branches and the elves were saying something I didn’t understand..
like twenty minutes of something. Finally the tree just kind of put me down and I moved out of the way to see what was happening.
The tree became a tree again without all the moving and stuff! I asked  Ms. Tari Kyra later and she said they were singing to it
or talking to it or something, and it was confused and thought I was someone to talk to or something like that.
Oh and because Laura had sticks all over her for some reason.

I think her clothes ran away with the strange magic stuff so she looked like a tree to the walking tree.
Ms. Tari Kyra said the tree maybe thought at first Laura was a tree friend.
I didn’t really get it, but the tree..the tree was walking like a person!”

One reporter climbed high into the trees [ whom for once were standing motionless] to speak to the Elven Queen,
Tari Kyra, who stood at the edge of her hall looking out over the forest as she contemplated her feelings on the matter.
Sighing softly, she stated  ‘It was most upsetting,  to see our song turned so.  As the elves lifted their voices in beautiful song
to gently encourage the trees into shape that would allow them to shelter us a surge of the wild magic that plagued us hit..
The mix of the two was too much and the trees, upset by this got up and walked away!  We could not believe our eyes!
One poor tree went to the human village seeking someone to talk to..  to find out  what was happening..  and frightened the humans.
They did not understand the tree of course, and it quickly became chaos.
Women came running in nothing but their underclothes to seek our help”
She looked over her shoulder to give a little smirk at that memory ‘They were most frightened by the walking tree..
but Runa spoke to it and it calmed.. releasing the child it carried”

[Of course the other reason could have been that the Trees prefer to live in town, like most civilized folk?]


Secrets in the Courthouse

A concerned resident slipped us a note that reads:

Eversince the gopherneur rethurnd from hiss journey he iss nowhere seen and that it is told he is well and up
but do not believe for that is not like him miss Laura chews her lips and this looks ugly and is please for someone look after.

Signed: Conceurned one


Hobbit Hole Tavern

We are happy to announce that we cannot announce a Winner.
A name was chosen for the tavern; it is now called the:

“Hobbit Hole Tavern”

Sadly the suggestion arrived anonymously.

Any information on whom to thank and send the lifelong free drink and food token for the Hobbit Hole Tavern to would be appreciated.


Tavern Pixies

Now it seems the Tavern is run by two Pixies. Billie, who was already in the Cock A Hoop a beloved little helper, received company by the Pixie Canned.

What is it about Pixies and booze?

Governor Veldrin was heard to comment: “Putting Canned in charge of the Tavern is rather like a fox being in charge of the chickens”

One must be curious about what concoctions they may be brewing up together.
One can see strange light coming from the tavern when it is dark outside, shimmering purple;
and sometimes wiffs of some strange scent can be detected by those passing.

This editor is certain that we all would feel safer, would we get our adorable Tavern Wench Laura back.
But the governor may prohibit her to mix under the common folk, now that the wench is to be made a lady.

Or? Read on in next article.


Sinful Lady?

When night falls on the Isle of Dee, one can see a mysterious figure sneaking out of the Courthouse with a semi-hidden lantern.

Minutes later, anonymous eye-witnesses declared that the woman who appears by day to be the respectable Lady Laura shows herself clad in her tight leather corsets and old coarse skirts serving drinks and food at the Hobbit Hole, mingled in a crowd of laughter, bawdy songs and booze. Unable to properly confirm the source of this rumour, we have requested a formal interview with the Lady in question, but she has denied it to us.

Now… We went to investigate on our own and found out that only days ago people reported to have seen Laura serving hot milk with honey and cloves at the tavern. The lady, when asked, made an  amused statement ” It is as if I were the tavern wench all over again!” Dia giggling commented “Maybe its just who you are, Laura.”.  Laura though , all lady, stated she would only serve the milk, for anything stronger, the tavern maid must be asked to serve it.

As an answer to our reporter’s question of why would her eyes look so tired and her cloak smell like ale, she snarled a couple of words in a foreign language and walked away. One can only theorize about the motives behind such a seemingly sinful behaviour and whether the Governor is aware of his betrothed’s schemes or even cares.


Its Raining Cats And Dogs!

It started suddenly and won’t end  it seems.
At first , dark ominous clouds boiled in the angry sky for a few days , then they begun to flash with streaks of lightning and cracks of thunder vibrate the ground.
The wind howls angrily, churning the waters into large waves and lashing the land. Rain began to fall at first in a drizzle and then in a torrent.

For days now (although it seems like years) we are soaking and shivering in wind and weather , children are becoming restless and whiny,
for they cannot go play outside, who ventures outside is at risk of being hit by falling branches and other loose debris.

But is there hope:

It seems that the recently arrived Druid of the Eldalie, Marcus Tei’ron aims to combat the extreme cold and the storms.

Will his efforts work? Only time will tell…


The Fisher And His Wife

Unconfirmed reports reached us about an elderly couple of fishers with their lovely granddaughter.

They took home at the huts by the fishing docks. It is said they serve hungry guests a good warm fish soup for small coin. The elderly wife must be of bad health, since she is often seen entering he infirmary of the St. Vitus village. She as well as her husband use a gnarled stick for walking.


The Mother’s Call

Our s̶p̶i̶e̶s̶  reporters have told us that the Elves grow concerned as more and more arrive,  Kin, Guardians, and others gather in the forest.

Saying they have heard the Mothers’ call to come to the Isle of Dee, the elves wonder if their goddess is preparing them for something?


Weather , Or Wetter

Cold, Stormy, Wet and wetter.

We hope that it clears up for the upcoming festivities.


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