Get More Out Of Your Injuries

A wonderful Patient’s Guide to Medical Roleplay , by Martin J.G. “Marty” Cai (CaiMartinJG):  

Happy reading and happy suffering 🙂


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3 Responses to Get More Out Of Your Injuries

  1. Dear Runa and the Rest of the Isle of Dee Community,

    First off before anyone gets creeped out I found this because on blogspot the software I use to publish my things shows me where people are getting to my site, where all the links are located.

    With that said, THANK YOU very much to posting this here. Thank you for helping me reach more people and help more people with my guide.

    Hope it helps! Good luck, and happy rp’ing!!!

    ~Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG)


  2. My pleasure:)
    I really hope your guide finds many reader.
    Thank you (!) for writing such wonderful easy to read insight in the “other side ” of healing in roleplay.

    ( Alrunia Ahn)


  3. Hey Everyone:

    Shortly after I published the beta/draft version of “A Patient’s Guide to Medical Roleplay” I commenced work on a corresponding “Medic’s Guide to Medical Roleplay.” Anyways-“A Medic’s Guide to Medical Roleplay” is now complete and can be found here:

    The “Medic’s Guide” contains everything that appears in the patients guide AS WELL AS additional instructions underneath the patient sections for those roleplaying as medical professionals/responders. Still, it is highly recommended that non-professions go through this sequel version as well as the patients version to gain additional insight as well as for better understanding.

    Also, please feel free to display these guides under the How-To or RP-Academy sections of this site, where people will expect to find things like these and will have an easier time finding them.

    Once again, hope it helps!

    ~Marty J.G. Cai (CaiMartinJG)


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