Thats so… wow!!

When we moved the Isle of Dee project from DEE (rip) to Zebre…I thought , LL had simply deleted our entry in the Destination guide. We have been listed under roleplaying communities those days….shame on me , for thinking ill of Linden Labs Destination Guide editors; see what they did instead !

Today – a bit late, right? – I figured out, my prayers have been heard and responded to..
The editors not only corrected the SURL, they moved Isle of Dee to a new category.
We now are listed under “Popular Places” !

Isle of Dee

Are you looking to start an adventure on a beautiful medieval fantasy sim? Check out Isle of Dee, a land with many curiosities and creatures. Isle of Dee is a free forum that welcomes all races. For more information visit

Visit in Second Life

Thank you!


[ PS: the picture wakes old memories 🙂 Anyone an idea who is shown? Is that maybe Rhea, the vintners wife there in the brown gown? But who is the other one.  ]

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