Chapel Of No Escape

– Yeeesss its back :))) But of course it got some face-lifting.

“And he lost something they all now seek,
A rush in the darkness make men bleak,

Hungry for the rich gold  they turn,
Friendships new they quickly burn,

For this beast rages with greed,
It is a terrible hungry thing to feed.”

To enter the room:
Left click the skull in the treasure chest

To exit the room :
Click where ever you see something click-able, it might be a Hint or a small prize Item.

And then try to escape! If you can.

Likes, dislikes, issues, ideas, nuts, cookies and coffee send via Notecard  to:
Alrunia Ahn

Escape the Room - Chapel of No escape Kopie


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Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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6 Responses to Chapel Of No Escape

  1. Karfus says:

    Argh I can’t figure this out!! Help please?


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