Sneak Peek – 2 Ways to go

Now , as most of you know , Kyra and I have been busy bees at the Isle of Dee during the past weeks. Things begin clearly to shape out, but still new ideas pop off the ground everywhere as we go. There is still lots on our to do lists, and the Isle looks daily more amazing than the day before – how ever, despite all the (admittedly hard)  work, the show goes on.

We welcome daily many new and old guests and friends,  occasional roleplay does happen, we dance and have a pleasant time and we added games and fun -there are tons and lots of cool things to find and take home from the Isle of Dee!

Foremost there are impressions to enjoy and take home.
I dare to say, the Isle of Dee is an eye candy and a feast for skilled photographers; and since Kyra has been really busy in regard to photography while I snuggled my pillows last night, it is only fair to share the newest fotos with you now.

Thus ! Check out the Isle of Dee Flickr Pool …or even better: come visit the Isle of Dee today and look around !


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