Photography Class!!! YAY!

Ever want to take photos of all the lovely scenery or people here but, like me.. cant take great pics? Yea? then join us! Ryder is holding a Photography class to teach us all!

This Sunday, June 29 – after our Cafe gathering!
Read for more!


Very soon we will hold an Isle Of Dee Photo Contest.
In order to help you take nice photos we will teach a simple photography class. In this class we will talk about things like:

* composition
* framing
* rule of thirds
* using the environment editor
* alt zoom

Class will be held Sunday 29 June at 2 pm SLT.
Make sure you can move around easily as we might visit different locations on the Island. It is recommended to send an im to Ryder Braveheart if you want to take the class so that we know to wait for you in case you’re slightly late. 🙂



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