We are Deelighted to have made another area of the City Mount Belle even more pretty.

I like to quote what one of our Residents said :
“Your creators built this well and has many creative thought going into it, its easy to navigate, good textures, and all around have a good feel to it, giving you the ambiance that was intended to give to the onlooker.”

Mount Belle, Isle of Dee. SouthWest Boulevard

Mount Belle, Isle of Dee. South-West Boulevard

Mount Belle has been (so far) compared to ancient Rome, Paris and Pompeii.

Of course it is very nice to have our work compared to great ancient cities like these famous ones, and each visitor may have their own associations to places they like to compare Mount Belle with. It comes with many faces, each corner has its very own charm and characteristics.

We are not tired to add to the ambiance and though the city actually is finished, we have added some nice touches to a row of private rental houses in the southern part towards the country side of the Isle.

All around we are very pleased with our decision we made in march. As reminder.. march, 15th the open letter went out to our residents and community members, in which we informed about the immediate annulment of the Roleplay environment Isle of Dee and announced to make it a place of various attractions.

We have recently added a Gypsy Camp

gypsy camp ( by honour)Kites that are flyable,

Kites !and a huge installation in sky, the Troll Pit, where melee, ranged or magic combatants can enjoy themselves without disturbing Shoppers and adventurers, explorer and lovers of a peaceful moment.

The Troll Pit, Isle of DeeTo meet daily a great variety of new and old visitors, to welcome old missed friends back home, to hear (voice is enabled)  and read throughout amazed comments, to see that the visitor logs exploded since march, and to see the community constantly and naturally – that is without us having to push – thrive and prosper, is the greatest reward of all.

Everyone is heartily invited to become part of the Deelightment
– whether it be for a brief moment or permanent.


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