Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Wishbringer by Kyra Reiter

We will make it a tradition of publishing Isle of Dee Merchants interviews here on the Isle of Dee website.
Starting off with my dear sister , Kyra Reiter !


The Wishbringer



Hello 😉

Well, my name is Kyra Reiter in SL.. and I have been in this wondrous virtual world for about 7 years now.  I first came in after hearing that it is a game that the users can build and add to the world..  as a designer in IRL this really appealed to me!

Since then I had discovered many amazing sims, and roleplay..
after which i began building worlds and rp sims of my own…

I was late to open my own store..  even though i had been bugged to do so for a long time >.>
Now, I am partnered with Runa in running the great Isle of Dee, and have my own store called Wishbringer…  and I have never been happier!


~ How did you start creating is Second Life, and what inspires you?

As i said above,  I came to Sl because I had been told it was a place the players can build the world within the game..

So i began to learn how to build right from the beginning!
I spent my first two months on help Island learning, and building..
After that i rented my first piece of land.. and well.. been doing it ever since.

Most of my inspiration comes from wanting things as I build within the isle of Dee..
Other inspirations come from my wonderful sister, and friends.

~ What do you create?

I create almost anything i want 😛  From Landscaping – trees, plants, flowers.. to buildings and parts.. furniture.. outdoor items..   Geez  this is harder to answer since i make a great variety of things lol.


I can say that I now build almost exclusively in mesh, and create all my own meshes…
So no matter what designs pop out.. they are all original!

~ Tell us about your Best Seller?

wisbringer-garden-daybed-swingAt the moment my best seller is the Garden Daybed Swing.. but I also sell a good many trees and cliff mesh kits.

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!


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