Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Virtual Ryukyu by Silverfox Rainbow aka Ginniji

old_paper_384x512_main_logo5_ripped KopieVirtual Ryukyu
by Silverfox Rainbow aka Ginniji

I am Silverfox Rainbow (or though i prefer to be called Ginniji – (japanese for Silver Rainbow)
I am the Owner, Builder and Co-Creator of Virtual Ryukyu, I sort of pride myself on being an SL veteran, where most people have come and gone, i am still here, shows how stubbon i am heh.

~ How did you start creating is Second Life, and what inspires you?

When I first joined Sl back in 2005, building tools where very limited, flexi’s wern’t even around yet. So I originally experimented with what I could do, alot being self taught,

nowadays there is alot more tools to play with.
It wasn’t until I met a man called InuYasha Meiji in 2006, that we became good friends and he sort of became my teacher and mentor, I learnt alot of building tricks from him, he is also the original Creator of Virtual Ryukyu, but sadly hes left SL at the moment so I don’t know if he well come back, so I have taken over, being you could say the apprentice took over the masters role.

~ What do you create?

Asian items and Clothes, but also now making misc items, have added on Fantasy items and outfits, as well as for petites, tattoos, and recently mods for petities, instead of sticking to one thing, this way can cover alot of items and keep adding slowly.

~ Tell us about your Best Seller?

 An old item but it was some lucky red charms, made for Chinese new year, also the petite items sell well now to.

~ Your newest Release is ..

facial scars – there going to be released at the medevial fantasy fair so can wait till then 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!

– Store :

– Store IoD :

– Marketplace :

– Tumblr:

Also :
Virtual Ryukyu is hosting it’s Third annual Shadow House adventure hunt.
Brought to you by the creators of Virtual Ryukyu, Kioko Pup, and Deadly toybox of Random.


Shadow House 3 Solve the Riddles, Find the Items Before time runs out… All during September and October


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