Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Baljaro Creations by Baljaro Resident

Werbebanner_BCBaljaro Creations
by Baljaro Resident


Hi i am Baljaro “Schwarzherz” Resident
I am the owner and Creator of Baljaro Creations,
I’m in this wonderful Virtual world  for almost a year now..
Actually I came here  course the other game I played before, everyone knows it but I don´t say names  hehe  it was getting very boring so I joined  Second life to find new Roleplay.
Now im  a Gorean Warrior  in German Gor

Baljaro~ How did you start creating is Second Life, and what inspires you?

Well I was inspired by all this amazing things I seen wile I was traveling around this world
so I started building ugly  very high prim prim builds HA HA  then a friend gave me lessons on how to  make less prims.

After a wile I joined a group called Builders Brewery  and learned a lot of details  about building in SL. Now I have my own store  for around 6 month now  I started very small but now the shop grows up 🙂

~ What do you create?

Well I create Gorean Roleplay stuff mostly Furniture ! But landscape and vehicles as well are in my  shop 🙂

~ Tell us about your Best Seller?

Well at this Moment my Bestsellers are my Gorean Couple swing


and My Gorean War planing table  !

GoreanSwingAniBC~ Your newest Release is ..

Well my newest release is Hard to say course i try to make as much releases as possible at least 1  every week 🙂 but at the moment  its the Gorean Chimney . It’s a nice Fireplace perfect for  kitchens or other rooms  with menu so you can rezz breads, table and fire 🙂 and it just got 1 Landimpact  in the clear version

Gorean chimney Kopie

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!


– Store :

– Store IoD :

– Marketplace :

– Group: secondlife:///app/group/e009c97b-b425-0586-322c-ac34210ced5b/about


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