Kagami 2014, a Japanese Horror Event in Second Life

Last 2 days , and you really should go there and play this amazing game!

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And my dearest Drow Wizard Ciaran wrote about it, too, here:

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Kagami 2014 (general)

 I would really love to provide you with images that adequately deliver a sense of the Japanese Horror Event called Kagami 2014. The problem is that I was distracted.

You see I don’t often attempt games and so my focus was entirely on what I was doing, not what I was seeing. I’ll try to give you the more pedestrian information and show you other, more suitable sources at the end of this post.

Kagami 2014 (general)

It started with one of those childhood exercises that exist in all cultures, e.g.,  twist the stem off an apple while reciting the alphabet to get the first initial of your future husband/wife. In this case, the harmless-seeming bit of youthful wisdom became far more sinister:

“Hey, you know what? At midnight, put two mirrors facing each other.
  Then you can see your future spouse in the mirror!…

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