Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Kittycat’s Creations by Kittycat Ninetails

KittyCat's Creations LogoKittycat’s Creations
by Kittycat Ninetails


I am a builder mostly.  I make textures and drinks and decanters and anything else that strikes my fancy.  I love making custom work and doing custom trays and drinks for folks.  I firmly believe that we are all unique and that our items here should be as unique as we are.  I make a lot of texture changing trays and decanters so that can become the case.


~ How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?  

I started building because I bought a barrel of mead for a friend of mine, and the barrel was 16 prims..far to many for him to set out.  And I said those fateful words “hell, I can do better than that!”

What inspires me?  Just about anything.  I do alot of hunts because they give me ideas to make things.  I surf the internet all the time, and run across great ideas that way too.  

~ What do you create?

Mostly drinks.  I have about 2,500 scripted drinks in sl so far.  I also have about the same number of textures that I created, some of them just specifically for that specific drink.

~ Your best seller is ….?

I would say my large barrels of drinks. 

~Your newest Release is..

…some very interesting trays


Loonie Tray photoNorthman's Tray photo SF Gypsy's Cauldron photoand SF The Shrew's Sideboard photo


Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!



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