Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Celestics by Lynn Shiu

by  Lynn Shiu
(Aurora Feran)

Aurora Feran aka Lynn Shiu

I’ve been here since 2010, which was when I met my RL partner. Because we couldn’t see each other a lot in RL, we used SL to be able to somehow still be together. After a while, we settled down in RL and we started living together. But no, that didn’t mean I was going to leave SL! I soon discovered role play, which is a great hobby of mine, and after some time, I found out about the Celtic Isle of Dee. I immediately loved the place and decided to set up a store in town. And, well, that’s what brings me here!

~ How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I have always loved taking photos of my role play adventures in Second Life. However, I found it hard to find the exact poses I was looking for, and if I managed to, they were mostly very expensive. That’s when I decided to start creating static poses myself.

~ What do you create?

I create static poses, hoping to help SL photographers capture their perfect pictures!

~  Your best seller is ….?

A pose called “From the Woods”. I was inspired by a movie called the Blue Lagoon, and I just had to make a pose using that inspiration.

~  Your newest Release is ..?

Nighttime Whisper, a promo pose that can exclusively be found at my in-world store.

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!

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2 Responses to Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Celestics by Lynn Shiu

  1. Lynn Shiu says:

    Thank you so much, Runa! 🙂


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