Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Even ~ Tide by Eve Gaelyth

Fall Fair  – Friday 24.10.2014 – Friday 31.10.2014 11 pm slt

Medieval Style Shopping at the Street Fair Sales Event in the City Mount Belle. Wares of some of the BEST high quality Designers of the Medieval – Fantasy Scene in Second Life!

Visit :


Even ~ Tide
by Eve Gaelyth

Eve Gaelyth

You ever get this question in a job interview and you kinda freeze? Yeah, that’s me. In SL, I’m an RPer, for the most part. I’ve been found around fantasy sims mostly, since my background prior to SL touched to that the most as well. Fantasy stories tend to also be my favorite genre to read, and that shapes a lot of what I do and how I view RP.

– How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

After I had been in SL for awhile, I realized that to some degree, if you wanted to have a fantasy creature, the cost to build it was very different then if you were doing a simple human. I realized that there were some simple ways to add just a touch more to the avs, and being an RPer, I wanted to put that into people’s reach. Ultimately, I didn’t want a lack of funds to be the sole reason that someone didn’t take up a character that they wanted to play. When looking for inspiration, I try to find the things that aren’t yet over done and might be sought to build those unique characters. It’s a little bit of a niche, but as I try to expand and look for new inspiration, the different fantasy creatures and the different genres are what I look at most. I then pull up images and fantasy art for ideas on how to implement. And, of course, if I get requests, those go onto the list of ideas as well… Some are just more awkward to work in.

–  What products do you bring to the Fall Fair?

Primarily I’m tattoos for av building — scales are the most common — so there will be those. But I am also toying with a fantasy skin.

–  Tell about  your exclusive items at the Fall Fair?

Nothing -exclusive- at this time, but new items at a ‘Faire’ price will be out.
Eve Gaelyth IoD Fall Fair Preview - Taylor Skin in Autumn

– Tell us about your Hunt Gift during the Fair.

I will be doing some special unisex tattoo. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll provide a preview picture or not.

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!






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