Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – *Mederia* by Mederia Seerose

Fall Fair  – Friday 24.10.2014 – Friday 31.10.2014 11 pm slt

Medieval Style Shopping at the Street Fair Sales Event in the City Mount Belle. Wares of some of the BEST high quality Designers of the Medieval – Fantasy Scene in Second Life!

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by Mederia Seerose

_Mederia_ A chapter ends ((a pic from RP))
I am a woman with family and job that likes to roleplay. More by accident and out of curiosity I came to SL some years before. I am from Germany and started long time ago to play online-games at English speaking servers to learn English. It worked… uhm… I think. At least most people understand me! 😉

~ How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I like to create all kind of things in RL and it is like this also in SL. I loved the building in Ultima Online (yes… I am so old, and even older 😀 ). When I first logged in SL there was a building-instruction-wall. I put a chair out of my starter inventory and read the next days only this stuff. 😉 I started with prim-jewellery, then textures, then I added some decoration- and 3D-pictures and when mesh was invented I started to learn this. Most things I create I make for my own roleplay or for friends – and try to sell it then.

~ What products do you bring to the Fall Fair?

Jewellery, textures, roleplay-decoration, some mesh things and some pictures. The usual mixture of my shop.

~ Tell about  your exclusive items at the Fall Fair?

I would love to finish my first hut ever at the time for the Fair. Alas my time is limited and I have really NO idea, if I will manage. Texturing is tricky right now. If, then I would sell it exclusive for a not too high amount of linden, going later to a more “normal” price. You have to wait till the fair, to see if I will manage. 😉 One day it will be finished!

I am just making also my second gatcha, that will be for the first time available at the fair. It is a head-piece in addition for my gatcha-necklace.

~ Tell us about your Hunt Gift during the Fair.

There is a hunt?! Oh, I missed that… uhm… yes… sure… I would love to take part. Autumn, harvest… uhm… yes… Maybe a hat out of leaves for fairies and fairy-lovers? Or something like that! I feel like doing something crazy. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!

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