Isle of Dee Merchant Interview – Mistique by Mahi ( Mahilwen Mistwalker)

Fall Fair  – Friday 24.10.2014 – Friday 31.10.2014 11 pm slt

Medieval Style Shopping at the Street Fair Sales Event in the City Mount Belle. Wares of some of the BEST high quality Designers of the Medieval – Fantasy Scene in Second Life!

Visit :

by Mahi
( Mahilwen Mistwalker)

mahi2 -

Who I am? Just Mahi, I would say, someone that do fun stuff in SL.

~ How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I began in 2011 to build, after i quited Roleplaying for like the 1000th time. But me as beginner had no idea where to begin, had no one that could teach me, so I just fiddled a long, which made the funniest creations of course and horrid too!

– What products do you bring to the Fall Fair?

I bring a autumn Tree, a halloween chair, a medieval dress and a pumpkin carriage to the fair

Kiara Gown orange greenADAutumn TreeADWaiting for HalloweenAD

Pumpkin CarriageAD

~  Tell about  your exclusive items at the Fall Fair?

I tried to stay in the scene of autumn and halloween coming, so I added some all of them

Thank you for taking the time to do the Interview!




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