Last Day of Isle of Dee – And last Day of the Fall Fair!

This is the last day of the Isle of Dee.
We are looking back proudly to half a decade of a lovely community and a wonderful third life on the Isle of Dee. It has been a fantastic journey. Isle of Dee was, indeed, unique, loved, often copied,  never reached, and has been around since 2009!
Together we’ve enjoyed games and readings together, many adventures, concerts, dances and art exhibitions, and so much more 🙂

My (Alrunia Ahns) personal thank goes to all who made it possible and a rich experience!

And we look with happy anticipation into the future !
Our new playground to offer high quality wares and entertainment is :

Home to Fantavatar, Moonstruck, Lilith’s Den, Oblivion, The Wishbringer

But yet ! Isle of Dee is not completely gone!


Come a last time to
And enjoy the last day with us, grab the one or other snip at the Street Sale – some of the merchants do have some items on % offsale!


Finish the Pestering Pest Plants Quest! Generous prizes await you at the very end!

______A_U_C_T_ I_O_N _____

Visit the Graveyard and bid on exclusive items made and provided exclusively for the Fall Fair 🙂

{WB} Gaea Headress (Yellow)Dark Shadow Ruins Bench {WB} Gaea Headress (Violet) {WB} Gaea Headress (Orchid)_~rh~_ Autumn season ~ chandelier wreath with leaves ~

Wonderland Creations - Gorean Tree Table UI Lava Gazebo IoD Custom trayGIFT CARD by FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCKSF Gypsy's Cauldron photo LD Monk Lamp - Sun LD Monk Lamp - Moon

Light, Nuts and Laughter
Luna, Kyra and Runa.


About Runa The Wild Elf

Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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