A day in Everwinter

I took a day off to spend it with Purga  ( aka MagicalNature) in the sim Everwinter.

Let me say , it is not a happy place. Its is not an actual beautiful place either.
But I want to recommend visiting it.

Everwinter shows an amusement park in post apocalyptic setting, basing on the Real Life town Pripyat and the  catastrophe of 26 April 1986 known as Chernobyl disaster..

The place is incredible well reconstructed by Lauren Bentham, and not only lovers of morbid settings and abandoned ruined places will enjoy it to the fullest- there are a lot of spots with fun animations. And it is a wonderful photo location.

I put – with MagicalNature’s permission – a set of those photos of today together that I like best.

Let me out – Second Life Machinima by Erythro Asimov

Everwinter by Lauren Bentham –Machinima by Emily De Donker


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