A day at the LoveFest – 1st day Lovecraft Festival 2015 in Second Life

Yesterday was the opening day of the  Festival and I got Magicalnature once again to gang up with me to spend some silly time under the label ” Photo-session”. Like usual we had a lot of fun, but more importantly we found plenty amazing motives to ‘shoot’ and even funtastic volunteers ! for posing for and with us. And yes, Magicalnature is the true photo artist here whereas mine are..just photos.

Side comment : for all who witnessed me ranting about needing to find a bed… in the end I found more than one. Hint: Sanatorium.

Lovecraft Festival 2015 SpotlightsWe totally got lost in the tunnels! There I had a flirt with the cutest of all guys , but however bad I begged, he wouldn’t dance with me. Sadly. We visited the funeral house, had cake there, and we spent a lot of time with silliness, new friends !  and rides at the circus. You neeeeeed to go see the vehicles…some do not leave much room for associations other than… naughty.
Led to the following bits of conversation :

B: not a very healthy penis – but… yep – that’s one dick of a ride
A: I ride it.  I ..must be sick
B: chuckles
A: your turn :;D
A: no?
A: you sure? you miss the ride of your life lol
B looks around to find the vagina ride
A: roflmao! I help

You can find the single photos on flickr on my Runas photo-pool and in the Hp Lovecraft Pool. I recommend checking out the latter for there are more amazing impressions by other photographer, plus some adds of amazing items (aside of my own that is ) to purchase at the Vendor Fair. Please note that a lot of proceeds are meant to support Autcom, The Autism National Committee.

By the way, during the festival there is a countless number of daily events, shows, contests and more- check the google calender at the HPL-RPG site to pick your favorites: https://hplrpg.wordpress.com/2015-festival-info/

Or check the Calender in world by the landing or the cabaret entrance at the festival.

freaky LoveFest 2015

Destination Guide: the entry was listed right in time for the Opening.
Kudos at this point for the currently very up-to-date and quick acting Editors !

Lovecraft Festival 2015

The 4th Annual Lovecraft Festival of Second Life features entertainment, events and shopping. Come check out the Festival Faire sim and the “Heart of Llhao” multi-sim story quest! The Lovecraft Festival is pleased to continue to encourage support of the efforts of Autism Awareness each year via AutCom (Autism National Committee). Event opens August 15.

Visit in Second Life

Here is a  video by Geo Meek, made in the very first hours of the Event
– and yes, its a Runa there in 0:05- 0:25 . I swear I had no idea ! 🙂

What is left to say is that the Festival Sim is amazingly well visited from start.
I didn’t crash often, despite the Sim being hellishly (positive sense, after all we celebrate all that is lovecraftian) crowded..which speaks for an amazing event committee !



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