Innsmouth – The Little That I Can Do


I have remade some things that are now mesh and less landimpact therefor and put some things on sale that never were. These are currently exclusively available at my new store in Innsmouth, that I opened to do my little bit of supporting the sim to stay in SL.

 You first land at the new designed  landing zone of Innsmouth. From there you can either enjoy exploring to get to Lilith’s Den , or use the Landmark twice to land there. If you decide for exploring, you find the store by the playground near the opera. But be warned: Watch your steps and be extraordinary friendly with the residents… they are “not normal”… if you know what I mean.   LD bone chimes (mesh)LD Brain Farm CrateLD Chalk BoardLD Crazy Spooky Lantern made from Human Skin...LD Dark Bed CandleLD Skinners Dress FormLD Dream CatcherLD Floculus Virgultum CrateLD Hand CrateLD Wicked Television Set - Don't SleepLD Tanning Remedies & stuff


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Wild Elf, nut addict, sleepless, silly
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